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  1. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    I find it disappointing that some websites are not regularly updated; even if there's nothing new at least remove dated material!! Also, what is the point of having a "Contact Us" link when nobody appears to monitor it. Twice in recent weeks I've asked questions on two specific websites. I received no acknowledgement or answer and, as of today, there has been no change on either website. The sad thing is that there is new material to post in both instances. I'm intentionally not naming the two bands and will instead pursue other avenues to obtain the information I was looking for.
  2. mr_nismo

    mr_nismo Member

    Site looks really good!

    If you were to do a refresh at some stage I would consider only using one menu bar as opposed to two and generally this is best at the top I find.
    Then have a menu pop up when you open the master page or have it appear on a drop down. Just a suggestion to stop it looking too cluttered.

    Well done also for going to the effort of setting up decent email addresses. A site full of @googlemail or @yahoo or even @freeserve can really cheapen the look in my opinion.

    The photo for 'The Bandroom Sessions' CD image doesn't appear in IE9 on my laptop but all others do work fine.

    Also under vacancies perhaps recommend an email address in addition to the phone number - some people just want to know more without talking to people - its true!

    Lastly, I think the logo in the top left looks great. Try taking the additional logo off the top right and see if it frees up the style a touch but only my opinion.

    Overall a really good website full of good content! Well done and keep it up.
  3. GillinghamImperial

    GillinghamImperial New Member

    Thanks mr_nismo. Believe it or not the entire site (apart from hosting) is using free/open source products. In an effort to reduce costs to the band, all apps, plugins,templates etc are free. This does mean that some elements are a little restricted, such as the dual logo on the top page, and menu layouts. I have found this works reasonably well on mobiles and tablets, and I'm not so sure how well drop down menus would work on small mobile screens. I need to rework the images at some point, as they are slightly larger than required, and taking up valuable hosting space, and I think the CD cover may have something to do with that. When you go to the effort of getting a domain name, it seems silly to me not to set up email forwarders from the site, and it also means that these can be forwarded to committee members as and when they change roles, without having to publish their personal email addresses to the world.
    Thanks for the reminder on the vacancies page btw, as I have sneakily done most of the development of the site at work, where I can't get to the back end to set up another mail forwarder! .. I'll go and do this now :)

    thanks again.. all really positive stuff.
  4. brassneckuk

    brassneckuk Member

    I run Wem Jubilee Bands website and thought I would post for 2 reasons. Firstly to get some feedback so we can improve if necessary, and secondly to recommend our provider (details on bottom of each page). The page is pretty basic, but it does what it says on the tin, it's easy to update and its free. I am a little concerned that on some platforms the formatting goes a bit wrong.
  5. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    Formatting is fine on mac with chrome. :)
    Website has everything it needs on there. Maybe the calendar could include more details for events such as where to get tickets from where applicable- you never know who might be looking around for a concert to go to, its feedback we have had ourselves. How about links to FB and twitter if you're on there? It's something we have found very useful for advertising purposes.:)
  6. DRW

    DRW New Member

    Having a quick skim look I like the general layout (and may in fact base our imminent redesign on it). One thing that jumps out at me is the apparent inconsistent fonts across pages and within pages. It's good to use different fonts for headings, subheadings main text etc, but I'd avoid mixing format within these categories.

    I'd also not show any internal admin-type content on public pages either. The note about informing the MD of absentising on the calendar page may give a negative message to prospective bookers.

    A nice site though - I like the uncluttered design. :)
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  7. brassneckuk

    brassneckuk Member

    Thanks for taking a look at the WJB website and offering some good advice. I will try and sort the fonts, but when you cut and paste any passages of text the programme seems to have a mind of its own (its ok if you start a page from scratch). We already have links to facebook and Twitter, but I am struggling a bit to make them more obvious and professional. I'll keep trying, thanks again.
  8. cornet_matt1

    cornet_matt1 New Member

    I work for an Internet Marketing Strategy Company so if anyone would like some help/advice about how to include social media links or anything else web-wise, please do get in touch.
    I'm studying for my BSc in Computer Science so advice and help can count towards my degree (with authorization from the client). I can also provide feedback from a "non-bands-person" prospective (i.e. get a friend to look at a site). I will treat all messages in confidence and I apologize if this message is not appropriate or not in put in the right place.

  9. cornet_matt1

    cornet_matt1 New Member

    I forgot to add if anyone would like some help, (especially for the coding side of things) please do PM me.

    I am sorry but I cannot offer design services.

  10. Tubby

    Tubby Member

    SA websites are generally quite poor ours needs a tweek but would be interested in other peoples view points.
  11. ISBBBb2

    ISBBBb2 Member is the new improved site for cornerstone brass!
  12. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    I revamped the Dalewool website a year-ish ago, since then things have been slowly tagged on, content has grown in some areas (and become stale in others) and I'm worried it might not look as good as it could.

    If a fresh pair of eyes can have a look I'd be very grateful! I do know about the iffy resolution on one of the rotating image pics, will fix it when I get home.

    Thanks -
  13. mr_nismo

    mr_nismo Member

    Nethers - like the site. Think it looks great, well kept, modern and outward facing.

    Perhaps a twitter feed would be the only missing modern element, short of applying an online shop.

    Particularly like explaining what a brass band is and also the dedicated section to your sponsors. We are looking to add a support the band page soon with online donations and otherwise to support the band - just food for thought.

    Keep up the good work.
  14. mr_nismo

    mr_nismo Member

    Always try and paste text into notepad before repasting it on your site so you don't take the code with you as well - might help on this one :)
  15. Driffield Silver Band have a new Website!

    We have just launched a new-look website.

    Please take a look and pass comment...
  16. Skipton Brass

    Skipton Brass New Member

    Our website has been online for over a year now and has been instrumental in building up interest in the band and helping us find new players:

    We're adding to it all the time and the player profiles section in particular is proving to be very popular.
  17. kp51

    kp51 Member

    (Skipton Brass) Informative and well laid out - well done!
    :) KP
  18. mr_nismo

    mr_nismo Member

    Skipton Brass - Good site. Not too much on the page which is always good - press area is very good. As above well laid out.

    Couple of comments for constructive improvement:

    1. When in calendar the top menu bar goes so have to use browser buttons.
    2. I got "Awesome Flickr Gallery Error - couldn't connect to host" error when in photos.
    3. Consider adding "notes to editor" and/or "band biog" as a download within the press area - perhaps a zip file complete with photos of the band and a logo?
    4. Lastly some people do prefer an email address to a contact us form (or as an addition), but either way your contact us form is good.

    Excellent work! :)
  19. MrSopranoMan

    MrSopranoMan New Member

    Brackley has a new website

    C & C welcome.

    Soon to be added is a media section for pictures/video/sound and a fleshed out profile section for each player.
  20. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Just a quick initial thought - I find the light gray text quite tricky to read against the grey background. Perhaps it could be darker or a larger font size? :)