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Would a regular band website review be of interest to you?

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  1. kp51

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    (Re Dinnington) The site is attractive and informative enough, but 30 main menu items? That makes information more difficult to find, not easier. You could do with some structure, so, for instance, the youth band band would have just one main menu item, with secondary navigation of some sort to get to the subsections. I don't know what facilities the Vistaprint editor offers you for that kind of thing.
    Do you actually pay them? I was interested to see their idea of a "free" website seems to mean a one-month free trial followed by relatively expensive monthly fees, and, according to one webmaster's review. no access to the code their editor creates. And it's truly horrific machine-generated code (yes, I know this means nothing to you, but some people do care about it), full of table-based layout and obsolete attributes instead of CSS to style the output.
  2. Website Reviews

    Thanks KP for taking the time to look at our Web and give constructive advice. As you say we need sub headings (I couldn't agree more) but as far as am aware this is not a facility that is offered by Vistaprint. You are also correct in assuming that we pay for the site, it is £10.67p per month but again I do not know if this is good (not knowing anything about web sites etc.)
  3. Dackdack

    Dackdack New Member

    Ok here we go;

    It is mostly up to date with regard to news etc. The players listed are still in the band but some have moved instruments and the photos are a couple of years old :/ Other than that, it is a good informative site (imho) and the band are very proud of it.

    You can also download this quarter's edition of The Legionaire (our band's own newsletter/magazine).
  4. MrSopranoMan

    MrSopranoMan New Member

    Another shameless plug here...

    Started working on a CMS based website a few years ago, developing it on my PC, but a total PC failure and lack of hosting support meant it was shelved.

    Looking forward to no longer having to faff about updating static pages and being able to wonder around on my phone, updating the website as and when!
  5. whitewitch

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  6. Nuh Bell

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  7. cornet_matt1

    cornet_matt1 New Member

    Would be interested to see what you all think of this?
    It's a bit of a 3 year project for me to work on while i'm doing my Computer Science Degree.
  8. kp51

    kp51 Member

    I've only looked at a couple of pages (of Hazel Grove) - which are very attractive once they finish loading. I hope your course covers ways to reduce the file size of images! The band picture on the front page is 1.8MB. That slows loading right down, to no benefit, since the browser resizes the image afterwards. Your top banner is 130KB, which you can probably reduce considerably without undue loss of quality. Slow loading is one of the factors the search engines take into account these days, if you're concerned about that.
  9. cornet_matt1

    cornet_matt1 New Member

    Thanks, the loading time is something I'm looking into when i'm not overwhelmed with work. It can be hard to tell here at Uni with two different internet connections (one takes a bit to load the site, the other loads it quite quickly). Another factor with the slow loading is the Host. This was chosen before I took over management of the site and isn't my personal choice.
  10. KenIrvin

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  11. sopsarah

    sopsarah New Member I need to update some player profiles on the site but apart from that it's fairly up to date xxx
  12. mr_nismo

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  13. mr_nismo

    mr_nismo Member

    check out :)

    online shop, conductor/player/band profile, musical associates, news page, diary of events, press kit, friends section, limited gallery currently as we only want to display our professional photos in there (our day to days go on facebook) etc.

    twitter feed also works well; the contact form gets used regularly and we generally promote our larger gigs on the homepage.

    All images are of the band

    any suggestions welcome
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  14. Pauli Walnuts

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  15. KenIrvin

    KenIrvin Member

    Thanks Mr Nismo
    Must be a new issue with change of hosting conditions, its not something I check out too often
  16. KenIrvin

    KenIrvin Member

    email links should now respond correctly. Good old 123-Reg changed the way my email links were set up.
  17. mr_nismo

    mr_nismo Member

    well played - only noticed as tried to send local band link out for our workshop with steven mead, etc. in october
  18. GillinghamImperial

    GillinghamImperial New Member

    Would anyone like to comment on our site?

    thanks in advance.
  19. TheFopp

    TheFopp Member

    On the whole a nicely laid out and good looking site. Some of the photos on the slideshow on the homepage, do look as though they've been squashed to the right shape rather than cropped though, and take care with spelling... on the homepage (one of the news articles) has 'success' spelt incorrectly - its little things like this that differentiate a good website from a really good website.

    My only other comment on intial glance is wondering why you have links to two different Facebook pages. Surely one page would make it easier for people following the band on Social Media.
  20. GillinghamImperial

    GillinghamImperial New Member

    Thanks TheFopp for the feedback. We have amended the success, and hope it brings more.
    The facebook thing is a legacy issue where we have a group, and a page .. and the photos, have been cropped, however some have been squished a fraction as well .. we are looking to refresh some of the pics soon.

    thanks again. :)

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