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Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by Neilpne, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Neilpne

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    We are relocating to Winchester in April 2014 and will be looking for a band that can accommodate EEb bass and Flugelhorn (or cornet/horn).

    We are committed banders that have contesting experience at all levels in the North West Area.

    Please get in touch if you can help.

    Many thanks.
  2. Adamskied

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    Are u willing to travel a reasonable distance.?

    If so try friary guildford.

    Pm me if you like.
  3. BillWillis

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    Bournemouth Concert Brass looking for Eb and Horn (or cornet).
    About 40 miles from Winchester.
    PM me if interested or contact details on our website
  4. Paul Sanders

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    Depends what you are looking for of course.

    Cold Ash Brass is currently a Third Section band a far more palatable 25 miles (30 mins) north of Winchester

    There is a very good chance that by this time next week ... well I dare not say anything for fear of jinxing it
    but look at the London & Southern Counties Regionals website and do the maths.

    Whatever happens next week we will be looking to strengthen particularly the bottom end of the Band. We have
    many young players and will lose a front-row and a bass to University this year.

    My contact details are on the website so feel free to email or call me to discuss this

    Paul Sanders
  5. If you want a non contesting band, try sandhurst community brass. We're a good standard and have very well attended rehearsals. Cheers.
  6. 2nd tenor

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    Further to 2nd tenor's post, you can search the brassbandresults map. A search based on Winchester is here.
  8. 2nd tenor

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    For those wanting to carry out a search based on another location that is also possible too. There is an options box in the top right hand corner of the screen ( ) and via that you can search for bands within distances of locations you set. It might be obvious but be aware that distance (as the ‘crow flies) can be a poor indicator of travel time - Google maps has a good route app that can help with travel routes and times between two points.

    My thanks to those that set the band map up, I have found it helpful and interesting.
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    Hi Neil sent you a PM. Woodfalls are 26 motorway miles away and have a few people already coming from Winchester if you wish to share lifts. Email or 07951 834834
  10. Exiled_Janner

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    Hi Neil,

    Please check out the Andover Town Band (just up the A34/A303) at
    The band formed in Nov 2011 and has already progressed to the 2nd Section as from Jan 2015. We are losing some players to University in September and are looking for players to fill several positions. Hope to hear from you.