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    I have noticed over several contests now, that quite a few bands seem to be moving away from formal jackets and bow ties to coloured shirts or shirts and waistcoats. Even the great bastion of the National championships Finals had one.
    In one sense I quite like the look, and it must make life a bit more comfortable under hot stage lights, but in another way I think that it spoils the presentation of the band. I wondered what others think.
  2. icklejo

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    Ooh, my first proper post :)

    My last band had polo shirts which we wore for jobs if it was warm like garden parties or marches and for less formal concerts and this worked quite well.

    Like you though I still like to see a band dressed smartly for formal concerts and the contest stage. I know it's probably more comfortable in a less restrictive uniform, but if the contest stage is the only time you wear it I can't see it being any real barrier to the quality of the performance.
  3. catherine_S

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    I suppose that if you are only doing indoor jobs, it would be fine. However I'd hate to do e.g. a Remembrance day parade in my shirtsleeves! Even with a band jumper and a band jacket, I want several layers under my shirt for that!

    Overall, I think jackets look smarter, though I can see the economic appeal of a plain waistcoat and a coloured shirt!