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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by PSC, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. PSC

    PSC New Member


    We need a set of 32 band uniforms for the newly formed band Symphonic Brass Wales, any suggestions?

  2. FlugelD

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    Newly formed suggests short of dosh - so black and whites (white blouses/shirts, black trousers/socks/skirts/tights/shoes) and a self-coloured tie of appropriate colour (buy in bulk from BHS/M&S/whoever is cheap) is a start.

    Bit more cash - self-coloured sweatshirts or pullovers (with the B&W), maybe with a logo, if finances allow.

    (Our latest replacement band jackets are over £200 a pop - times 32 is serious spending...)

    Remember that 'uniform' means 'the same' - black trousers & red/blue/green shirts, or B&W and coloured (ready to wear) waistcoats is uniform...

    And, when spending cash, consider what you're doing - a contest adjudicator can't see you, but granny at a concert will be more impressed by 'uniform' appearance than put off by the nasty sounds from a PC playing a Lark ;)
  3. Elliebone

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    Would you consider second hand jackets? I might know of an available set.
  4. PSC

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    Thanks for the advice, but we need formal stage jackets, I was hoping to borrow some.
  5. PSC

    PSC New Member

    Hi Elliebone, yes second hand would be great, as FlugelD says, we are newly formed and short of dosh, if we can borrow that would be good.
  6. Anno Draconis

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    Just curious - why? Bear in mind that even if you get hold of a cheap set of liontamers to start with, replacing them if one gets fubar, or if you get an excessively large/small new member can cost 200 notes a go.

    Why do you feel that you "need" them? If standardised shirts or coloured waistcoats aren't formal enough, why not go down the Tux route (like Leyland, for instance)? Just as formal/smart, and cheaper to maintain a full set.
  7. PSC

    PSC New Member

    Hi Andrew,

    We're taking part in a tattoo in Azerbaijan this year - this will be a first for a British brass band and we have to have formal style band jackets. Unfortunately my band does not have enough jackets of its own to kit out the whole band hence the request for suggestions.
  8. valerie.wilkes

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    We have a set of jackets that you can have if they are suitable. They are black barathea with red lapels and brass buttons. I will check in the bandroom tomorrow and let you know .
    Val Wilkes
    Kirkby Colliery Welfare Band
  9. PSC

    PSC New Member

    That sounds great Val, I'll wait to hear from you.
  10. valerie.wilkes

    valerie.wilkes New Member

    band jackets

    We have over 32 jackets plus 3 waistcoats. The only problem is there are no sizes on them as they were made individually but there is quite a large range of sizes. Have a think and let me know if you want them. Look on our website where all my contact details are and we can discuss it over the phone.
    Val Wilkes
  11. PSC

    PSC New Member

    Will do Val, are you around tomorrow, tell me when's best.
  12. valerie.wilkes

    valerie.wilkes New Member

    I shall be in any time after 6 if that is o.k.