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    I received a telephone call last night from a Philip Pettle asking if my band were interested in purchasing a set of band uniforms. We are not, but someone on here might be looking so I suggested this was the place to advertise.

    25-30 uniforms of varying size (small upwards) consisiting of red jacket with yellow highlights, black trousers with red side strip and HATS (!). Approximate age of uniforms 12-15 years, but in good condition.

    Apparently they belonged to a band from the Alfreton (Derbyshire) area and this guy just wants to get rid of them. Looking for £50 to £60 all in and obviously for that price you'd have to collect from the Sheffield area

    For any further information contact Philip Pettle 0114 2648704 or mobile 077557 867 044

    Hope they can be of some use to someone here. Please note I have no further information than given above so if you want to know more give Philip a ring.
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