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  1. Our band is looking to get some new long ties made and was just wondering what companies other bands use to produce them?
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    when i was at flixton band i organised a new set of ties for the band and used a company called wrexham club ties. they have a website and sent up sample cloths, logos writing and were excellent, each tie cost a total of a tener cheap and excellent quality

    fodens band
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    wrexham club ties, are ace, used them when i was a flixton and had excellent relationship with them. They sent sample material, sample logo and band name and were excellent in always. Ties cost a tener each to purchase and i highly recogmend them, they have a website also on the net.

    fodens band
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    That's who we use aswell, for both senior and youth ties. Once they have your logo and design, i think the price drops for a second batch aswell as they already have everything set up for you. This all probably depends on numbers but we were ordering batches of 50 at a time.
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    Off topic a little but my own experience of choosing ties in a band:

    I was in one band that had a sub-committee for uniforms. (I think there were about 6 sub-committees - the chairman was a dyed-in-the-wool civil servant.)

    The band needed new bow-ties and so a type were chosen by the Uniforms Sub-Committee who reported back to the chairman who promptly and pompously called a committee meeting after band practice to discuss the findings of the sub-committee. Things were seriously discussed such as velcro or, elastic with clip fastenings. The sub-committee were sent back to do their job again.

    They returned with their findings and the chairman called another meeting after band practice and things such as size of flair were discussed as some are quite straight and others rather flamboyant.

    I seem to remember this process going on for a number more times before a final decision was struck by the whole committee as there were such important things as type of material to consider (velvet or cotton), cost and actually which shop to give the trade to regardless of final price.

    All over the type of bow tie to purchase!

    Actually, after the type and colour of cork felts used I think I feel another topic all of its own coming on.
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    Ah, the ties that bind....
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    We used a company called Network Promotions, prices, service and delivery were excellent.
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    I have always had excellent service from William Turner & Sons. I met Bill (snr) whilst on holiday in Majorca, and he subsequently supplied me with ties on numerous occasions in my pre-retirement job as a Promotions Manager for a major Broadcaster.

    The company is now run by his son (Bill!), but the service is the same, try:

    Once they have your Band's artwork, they can produce quite small production runs....

  10. Thanks for all the help guys. I've e mailed a few companies so hopefully we'll get sorted with something :)
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    We have just recieved ours from Keltic Ties www.[URL=""][/URL]. They were embroidered polyester and cost less than £600 for 100 ties which was very reasonable compared to other quotes we had. We had great service and prompt delivery.