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    I know this has been discussed before but I can't find the thread.

    What is usual cost of band subs? I've been told ours are to high.

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    "too high" for what?
    What do the subs help to pay for - rehearsal venue, equipment, music, percussion, MD....? And what else can you buy for the same amount of money?

    There have been a few threads on this subject over the years, not surprisingly! Try THIS ONE
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    Excellent, thankyou both for your replies.
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    Approx £6:00 per month for scouts
    Approx £15:00 per month for karate/judo
    Approx £12:00 per month for sunday football
    Approx £5 per session swim lessons.
    Most brass bands probably between £12 - £15 per month, except for top bands, WHO PAY YOU!

    How much is too much? That is your call.
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    Would love to see a thread on how much bands pay their MD :woo
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    Not enough
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    The only way to know whether the subs are above what they need to be ('too high') or not is define what the menbers expect of the band and then to look at the accounts - if they aren't detailed enough then ask for more detail in them. All members of the band should be able to see how the money flows and then make informed comment against their own and collective expectations of the band - some will always want more back than they put in and others just need to be shown that things are equitable .

    Thanks (to DS2014 and Accidental) for the direction(s) to the thread started by Welsh Dragon, very interesting comments and insights.

    I have been involved in several groups and the variation in costs is very large in percentage terms. Perhaps it is hidden but I think that by far the biggest cost 'charged' to members is in the time given by them to attend fund raising concerts and caroling. etc. (assuming you value your time / what could you earn in that time / what have you had to do or pay to free up that time). The cost of individual travel to such events is often more than the funds raised per member too - in strickly financial terms some of the fund raising stuff we do might well be considered as simply 'plain daft'.

    In helping to run one group I've given many hours of my time, if I had used that time to earn money instead then I'd be 'quids in'.

    Bands have various politics, 'mindsets' and self interest 'cliques' within them. Bands also vary in both how well run they are and how closely they match the various and differing needs of their individual members ...... see my first paragraph.
  9. DocFox

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    In the US, Brass Banding is fairly new (a couple of decades). Few, if anyone gets even a bit of money, including the MDs. Some of the Championship Division bands have sponsors -- but for the most part everyone volunteers and they give money to keep the band going. But that, I guess, is what it takes to keep volunteer organizations together.

    I feel at least the MD should get paid, and like 2nd Tenor said, many of us volunteer our time in all kinds of ways, music librarians, publicists, treasurer, and many other positions. If we got paid, "quids in" or as us Yanks say "a stack of dollars" would fall on us all.

    At least the MD should get paid, but you would be surprised live or die with the MD. I know a band in a bid University town that had a great band. The MD got tired and no one would step up. A band with horns and music and a rehearsal place died when the MD left.
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    Oh dont get me started on that one. The amount of team talks/ lectures I have heard about commitment from conductors that would be there unless they were being paid (how ever large or small the fee).

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    The reasoning behind the question was that we had someone come and play for a few rehersals and when asked to join said that our subs were too high "coz i've played in a champ section band and their subs were only a fiver!" and the old classic "i'm a pensioner yanaw" :dunno
  12. DocFox

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    I find that amazing. Should we have a sliding scale on ability? I am not sure I would want a person who is old enough to be on a pension even thinking they could play like they did in their heyday. I am 57. At University, I practice 2 to 4 hours a day. I was at the top of my form. I was asked to go with a group on a world tour, all expenses paid and a $20K salary when I graduated. Today, although I do practice 1 to 2 hours a day (and I skip a few days here and there). I will never be the player I was at age 23.

    Geez, I am repeating myself, who would want such an attitude in a member?
  13. animal.22

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    Yeh, puzzled me a bit with the reasoning. I guess they just didn't want to commit.
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    Aren't they being paid to be a leader, though? (If they're not succeeding, or not pitching it right, they're maybe not right for that band.)

    Stunning logic. Do harder test pieces cost less? Does playing high notes get you a rebate on the electric bill?
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    Stunning logic. Do harder test pieces cost less? Does playing high notes get you a rebate on the electric bill?[/QUOTE]

    Indeed, logically the poorer the standard of the band the higher the subs need to be as there is less chance that anyone will be prepared to pay to listen to them.

    We pay £100 a month at the Pearly B Band (terrible and still banned from performing in public)

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    Presume you are the same person asking the identical question (with numerous replies) on 4barsrest FB page?

    What are yours then that you've been told are too high?
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    If several people have decided not to join the band because the subs were too high, maybe they are too high for what is being offered?

    could be saying that another band was offering a better product (Championship sction banding) for a lower price (a fiver)

    I'm not a pensioner, yet, but I have been in the position of such limited funds that paying band subs would have been a real problem
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    this reminds me that i need pay some band subs :)

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