Band Studies- Introductory Certificate

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  1. Considering studying Music? Want to pick the right path and music qualification?

    NICHE- (The Nationwide Independent College for Higher Education) have exciting and innovative qualifications in Music and are offering a One Day sample course in Band Studies for just £39.

    The course will be run by Professors Simon Kerwin and Tabby Clegg and takes place on Saturday 9th April, in Mexborough, South Yorkshire. From 10am to 3pm.

    Places on the course are limited and will be strictly offered on a first come first served basis. To register please call 01709 583536.

    Band Studies – Introductory Certificate

    The Introductory Certificate is a one day course of 5 GLH and the course gives an overview of elements of study of the Foundation Diploma and BA. Areas of study will be focussed on the core modules of the Foundation Diploma, plus an overview of all other modules and most importantly an overview and discussion on the NICHE pathway of study and available options.

    Core Modules to focus on:
    Understanding Music
    Listening Skills

    Plus overview of:
    Ensemble Performance
    Rehearsal Techniques
    Performance and Communication
    Arts Media and Publicity
    Music and Society
    Ensemble Management
    Music and Education
    Scoring and Arranging
    The Salvation Army
    Exploring an Area of Band Music
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    I'm sorry I can't just ignore this!

    Don't you have to have a qualifications to call yourself a Professor?? Otherwise it belittles all the work done by those who spend years and years studying for their professorship (if that's what it's called).
  3. Anno Draconis

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    Oddly enough, no. You simply have to have a teaching post. In Northern Europe and the Commonwealth the convention would normally be that a "Professor" would be someone holding a chair at a recognised tertiary academic institution, particularly as a Department Head. In the US and Canada, the convention is much more relaxed, especially when used as an improper noun. The exception to this tends to be instrumental or vocal teachers at UK Conservatoires, who are conventionally referred to as "Professor of <Insert Instrument>".

    However it would certainly be, well, odd, for someone in the UK to give themselves the title "Professor" rather than being awarded it by a recognised academic institution. I have no idea whether this is the case here; nor is it clear which institution validates the BA qualification? :-?

    Regarding the OP, I'm sceptical how much use a "one day overview" would be, and I would refuse to touch with an excrement-coated stick any course from an educational establishment that can't spell "Independent". Hope the headed paper and business cards haven't been printed yet...;)