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  1. I need some ideas for a band social.. theres not much to do in my area so the only thing we've come up with is ten-pin bowling. Not really suited to all ages.

    Can anyone come up with some (sensible :p) suggestions that we can do in the next few weeks cheap?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. mattthebass

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    For our band social we have a knock-out competition. For this you need a pub with a bowling green or bowling club with a bar! through the afternoon we team up in pairs and play cards, dominoes, bowling (different partner for each, that way people that might not have spoken normally with get to socialise). That way you have three winning pairs so everyone's got three chances of winning. Most pubs will have dominoes and woods you can rent for a very small price. Our pub does it for free as we guarantee 30+ drinkers for the afternoon! Buffet halfway through, very social and all you need is everyone to put £7 or so in for the food, or everyone bring something even cheaper! One thing with three separate competitions running together the chances of people getting knockout in all three quickly is rare so more likely all having fun all afternoon. Hope that helps
  3. That sounds brilliant! thankyou, will have it in my option box! trying to gather as many ideas as possible to take to our next committee meeting, and see what the majority go for! x
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    In the past We have run a quiz, with topical specialist rounds. One of the best has been a 'Name that Tune' round whereby a volunteer? plays a few notes on an instrument (not his/her instrument of choice) or piece of hose with a funnel jammed in the end. I find that Beatles tunes are the best. 10 intro's if you like. Then repeat them a second time. Ususally gets a good laugh. Not for serious quiz people.
  5. Thats a good one! The band we share our band room with just hosted a joint quiz for the two bands, but the only music round was a modern music one! Personally, i would've preferred a brass round! Might have to do our own one with that suggestion, sounds fun!! Thankyou
  6. PeterBale

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    Another idea for a music round is a narrative using hymn tune titles to tell a story - can be quite effective.