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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by evey_g, May 11, 2004.

  1. evey_g

    evey_g New Member

    18 year old soon to be university student is seeking a new band in Coventry.

    this is where i will be studying at Coventry University. i currently play solo horn in Enderby Youth Band ( will be too old for this band soon- to compete i mean). i have been playing for 8 years and i enjoy playing.

    i would like to carry on playing when i leave Leicester however i need a band to play in when i start uni in September 2004.

    names of bands in coventry would be helpful or any offers would be nice as well.

    email me.
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  3. evey_g

    evey_g New Member

    sorta forgot to mention that a tenor horn would be good as well, however i am trying to organise my own. (my one is old and rubbish so i use the bands instrument atm, but obviously they will want it back!)
  4. I think that our horn section has Sovereign Horns.........which I gather are ok - unlike some of the cornets.........
  5. evey_g

    evey_g New Member

    Thanks everyone for all your Pm's and emails. ill get back to you all when i find out if ive got into university. Thanks! :D

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