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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Brassy Lady, Jul 17, 2008.

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    I would like to engage a Band to play away a ship from the port of Southampton on August 16, the ship departs at 5pm, and am hoping that there is a Band out there who can help.

    The reason is that it is my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary - they are going cruising, and I know they would love it if the ship was played off. It's just too far away for any of my Bands to undertake, and so this is a heartfelt plea for a more local Band to help. I will obviously pay well, and even throw in a bit more for the Anniversary Waltz and Sailing (one of my Dad's favourites - sorry!)

    Please pm or phone if you think you can help:
    01526 323860 / 07944 244691

    Many thanks in anticipation
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  3. Lawrencediana

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    It depends what ship it is. If it is a P&O ship there will be a band booked for the sailing. I know we have two booked in Aug just not on the 16th.
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    As Lawrence has already said most bands around here already do the "P&O Jobs" so you may already be sorted (though playing "sailing" might cost you a few beers!). If not we can give you a list of the local bands to contact if that would be helpful?

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