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    Some of you may know my web design company; we have worked with quite a few bands - Whitburn, Desford, NYBBs etc... Our business is owned by two bandsmen; I currently play at Derwent and am ex Ransomes and CWS Glasgow and my business partner is ex Fodens, Faireys, Grimethorpe and Desford.

    We have just this week launched our new photo studio and thought some of you may be interested in some of the band promotional work we have done with Derwent Brass.

    Take a look at I hope you like it!!!

    We have a bit of a launch deal that if any bandsman and his or her family wants a photoshoot we will do it free of charge. There will also be 15% off any prints / images rights etc... Deadline is end of June.

    Cheers all. Hope you like our work!?
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    Can't recommend Devmac enough! And this isn't a blind recommendation - just think about these points:

    1. You get a good deal - most design companies would charge a lot more
    2. You get photos taken by a bandsman - so nothing gets overlooked and there's no "orientation" required
    3. You get security:
    If you're thinking about using a free online web-making tool be careful! The person in the band dealing with updating it could leave, it could be accidentally destroyed along with your pictures and all that work! If you have something new to add you know, no matter who you are in the band, you just contact Devmac and it's done. Plus, your images are stored with them so you know where to go hunting if you can't find your favourite picture.

    Again, highly recommended service!
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