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    World of Brass recently reached agreement with Band Press VOF to become their only UK-based distributor.

    Over 50 titles are already available so we've added a specific Band Press category to our website;

    Some of the excellent compositions and arrangements are already in use, most notably by Grimethorpe Colliery Band at Brass in Concert 2006.

    To request a printed catalogue, send an email with your address details to or send a PM.
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    If you want something special for an own choice contest... try "Ginnungagap" by Johan Evenepoel ;)

    (Band Press is a Belgian publishing company, originally founded by Luc Vertommen, conductor of Brass Band Buizingen and arranger of fanfare and brass band music)
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    Which pieces were used by Grimethorpe at BIC 2006 as I didn't hear their performance that year???

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    In the Saturday night concert they used Slava.

    In the contest they played A Musical Toast.

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