Band Photography - introductory promotional offer!!

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    Band Photography - introductory promotional offer!!

    Just wanted to make a post here on tMP regarding something I am very excited about for 2008.

    I have, for some time now, very much wanted to extend my hobby - photography - and as I am self employed, I do find myself with some time and limited flexibility which affords me opportunities to try out new ventures. After being asked by several people, during October 2007 I commenced doing limited amounts of commercial portraiture for individuals, families (and their pets!), as well as some events and sessions for sports clubs/groups that I was asked to undertake. I was of course absolutely delighted that these were quite successful, and one of the things I wish to try during 2008 is to extend the photography services I offer. With this in mind I would very much like to run a trial promotion for all aspects of Band Photography.

    [imgleft][/imgleft] Should you wish to see some of my work there are images available for viewing on my online portfolio and gallery which can be found here -

    So, if your band is looking for posed, static or 'in-concert' group shots, or perhaps you are looking for an individual portrait, or even if there are members of your family who also want to be photographed with you and your band - please do consider dropping me a line. Many bands use the services of professional guest conductors in their preparations for the areas which we know are coming up, maybe your band might like some shots of the rehearsal taking place, or perhaps some nice shots of the guest conductor working with the band for your bandroom wall and posterity. I would of course be more than happy to oblige if required.

    I of course have a full compliment of mobile studio equipment and studio flash gear, am able to travel and can visit your band premises at your convenience. [imgright][/imgright]
    Most if not all bands rehearse during the evenings and/or weekends, and so visiting you at these times is not a problem either!

    Pricing for prints and mounts is usually flexible - depending on what it is that's required. However, for this promotion I will charge only a nominal amount for the session covering travel and expense, then additionally as part of this offer to tMP'ers, will offer a further 20% reduction on any prints or items that are purchased. I can offer all sizes of print; from 10" x 8" prints up to poster sized prints, as well as first class canvas mounted prints. I am also able to provide promotional items such as bags, place mats, mouse mats, cushions etc.

    Please do consider contacting me if you are interested in having your band photographed via this promotion. You can contact me via PM here on tMP, by email on either my regular tMP address or my photography address:

    ... and we can discuss your specific requirements and any items needing additional clarification. All images will be made available online in a private, password protected gallery and prints are usually available within one week of ordering them.

    So, please let me know if you're interested.
    Thanks all
  2. Shell

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    wow, you have some really nice work on the website!
    Good luck in your venture!
  3. mikelyons

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    Hi JOhn,

    Some (no all) of your photos are fantastic. How talented you are.

    Sitting here drop jawed!
  4. TheMusicMan

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    Many thanks Mike, I am very flattered indeed and appreciate your comments. I have been pleased with the way my photo services have been going, and though nowhere near enough for me to do this full-time (which, believe me, I'd just love to happen one day), I am getting more bookings etc.

    I was pleased with the Wingates photo session I did for them earlier in the year, and I believe they were happy with the results too. Here's one of the band portraits I managed;

    I am happy to help any band or individual with their portriat shots, or in fact, with any shots that might be required. I do weddings, christenings, parties, award ceremonies etc, as well as being able to cover concerts, events and contests no probs. So if you do know of anyone who may want some photo services please shout... travel isn't an issue.

    Thanks again Mike, your comments are appreciated.
  5. HBB

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    Now if only I'd been smiling...!
  6. TheMusicMan

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    Blowing well on this one though Ben...:)

  7. MAW

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    Wow, well done John. What superb photos.

    Hope you can soon make photography your full time occupation.
  8. Straightmute

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    Best of luck with your new venture John. Your pictures are superb - we must have a geeky converstation about the merits of TTL flash metering and image stabilisation next time I bump into you!

    My (much more modest) Flickr gallery will be open for viewing soon!

  9. TheMusicMan

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    Thanks Marjorie and David - not sure if I would ever get to the stage where Photography provided my full-time income, but I have to say, that would indeed be very nice. I am not promoting my photography services too much, as I'd much rather build things up through word of mouth, but with clients such as Gareth David Lloyd (of the BBC's 'Torchwood' fame) and Gordon Giltrap already under my belt, I am happy with progress thus far.

    I am just starting to take on Christmas portrait requests, and have a few bookings already which is nice.

    Did a public fireworks display recently as well, here's a sample:

    So, we'll see how it goes.

    @ Marjorie: If any members of your band would like photographs of themselves on their own, or in a group, perhaps in their uniforms or with instruments - then please do drop me a line. I have a full portable studio flash setup, lights and backdrops etc and can visit the bandroom any evening you wish. Might make good Christmas presents...! :)
  10. MAW

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    thanks John.
    I have already emailed our Secretary suggesting that next time we need a Band photo we don't wait until the Swansea Contest but contact you. !!!

    Unfortunately we have just had a Band photo taken in Ammanford.

    Having said that , it is already out of date because of personell changes and we haven't seen it yet.
  11. HBB

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    That's absolutely horrific John!
    I'll forgive you if you give me the password to the Gareth David-Lloyd section... he's amazing!! :tongue::tongue: