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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Kiz7, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Kiz7

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    Bream Band will be featured on ITV West news at 6.00 tonight. The band were recorded, along with Rhiannon Symonds who has has just been accepted into the national children's brass band of great britain, at last night's band practice after being contacted directly by Rebecca Rooney (presenter)
    Watch Rebecca try to play the trombone!
  2. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    Oooh, cool. I'll be watching!! :biggrin:
  3. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    they didn't show it!!!!!!
  4. Di

    Di Active Member

    Thats so not fair. :frown:
  5. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    Maybe they'll show it tomorrow...?? I hope so!!
  6. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    spoke to the reporter earlier ans she tuned in to watch it too and was cross. She is going to talk to them in the morning. She said it was quite a big "hard" news night wit the seige in Bath taking up a lot of air time
  7. Chunky

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    If it is shown, any chance somebody could tape it for me in case my darling little sister is shown on TV.

    Second thoughts they would have to show it after the watershed if she is on there!
  8. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    reporter just phoned. It was edited yesterday and will probably be held today but maybe tomorrow or over the weekend. They wil call me when it is going to be on