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  1. SazzyBob

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    I am a baritone player looking for a band in the Leeds area. I am in my first year at Leeds University and have no transport so I am hoping to find a contesting band reachable by public transport or with players who may be able to provide lifts.

  2. tom793

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    Hi, I play for Lofthouse 2000 which is in Lofthouse just outside Leeds, I believe there is a bus service from Leeds to almost outside of the Bandroom door ( Lofthouse Methodist Church ). We are a third section band and rehearse on Thursday evening 7-9 and Saturday morning 10-12. Feel free to call down to a rehearsal or you can give me a ring on 07876454317 or alternatively the MD Andrew Whitaker on 07879400538 . You will find more info about us on our website We look forward to hearing from you.
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  3. Martin Hall

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    Is lofthouse 2nd section now??? Yorkshire tables have you listed as 3rd!
  4. tom793

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    ooops wishful thinking, corrected my mistake
  5. Martin Hall

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    Hardly wishful, 2nd Section got "Cross Patonce" for the Area......ha!!

    Pass on my regards to Andrew W!!