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    Our band are thinking of having a position of band manager added to the executive committee. The idea being that such a position would ease the pressures particularly on our band sec. We have an idea of the type of things we think the band manager should be responsible for but i'm keen to hear of what responsibilities band managers in other bands have. We want to ensure we cover all the bases but we dont want to work the incumbent into the ground or have such a range of duties it'll put people off taking the job on.

    Can anybody advise or give their thoughts on the ideal role of a band manager?

    What tasks does your band manager deal with?
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    Band Manager - Organisation

    Whether you have one person doing everything or one person in charge and delegating or somewhere between the two the most important thing is communication. Here's a list of the tasks that I would expect to be covered at our band which is non-contesting:

    Bookings and Concerts
    • Coordination of bookings and concerts - i.e right mix for your band (10 jobs or 20 per year) and right type of job.
    • Agreeing terms and conditons with event - i.e. fee, times (start and finish), type of concert required, facilities to be provided and if it a fete exactly where you will be playing, any special arrangements for parking etc to get band equipment to venue
    • Communicating correct information to players about accepted bookings - i.e. see above, times, location etc
    • Co-ordinating attendance and deps for jobs
    • Ensuring the bands equipment gets to and back from jobs
    • know who's taking what checking it's all there and back
    • booking coaches for jobs
    Generally the above would cover the main role of a band manager but it could be extended to cover some other logistic roles e.g.

    • Uniforms - allocation and spares for deps
    • Instruments - arranging repairs and maintenance
    • Rehearsal venue management
    How your Band Manager goes about this will be depend on the individual - the best go un-noticed because everything runs smoothly and no one will see all the hard work that goes in to making this work (imagine a swan and you get the picture).
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    Just had a thought about the down side of band managers when it all goes wrong (imagine a duck, head underwater and DA in the air);)

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