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    Do many bands out there have a formal management team? Do bands have job descriptions for their management teams? Are they needed?

    Do we need to run in a more formalised/business like manner to progress?

    This is a topic that genuinely interests me.

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    I've played in bands under single Hitlers that work very well, and bands with organised and capable committees that have fallen over. And vice versa.

    I believe it ultimately comes down to how interested and motivated the band is as a whole (in the band I conduct I have got a 'self-responsibility' ethic going which seem to keep everyone involved) and that will lead things to death or glory.

    I sat with my fingers in my ears at Dalewool's last AGM (trying to keep up with the work I have for the band I conduct is enough) so I can't tell you too much other than we are blessed to have a very dedicated, talented committee and a secretary who is out of this world... professional orchestras etc. would be lucky to have her and she manages to hold down a full-time job at the same time.

    A good way to shift committee positions from the usual suspects is to have written 'job descriptions'. I know I have sat on my hands before when no one has been able to spell out exactly what someone would be expected to do in a particular role, and I'm not the only one.

    Will a more formal management structure help bands? I reckon it could present a more professional front for organisational issues, but I don't think it makes or breaks a band. After all, most of us don't get paid to play and we turn up if the rehearsals and gigs are fun.

    Interesting question!
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    This is something we have recently been exploring at Hadleigh, although being a Salvation Army band obviously has an effect. Groups are being set up to consider the music, programme and property, with particular efforts to involve the younger members and to encourage more people to take on various leadership roles. It is hoped this will enable us to more focused on what we are doing, and to move forward in our ministry.
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    Me too.

    I played with one band and it was a case of MD and band secretary that ran everything ... You were told what jobs the band had, what time to be there, uniform to wear and you didn't have a choice. It worked very well. They're currently ranked in 4BR top 10. It was the happiest band i've ever been involved in. It is also one of the few bands in which back-stabbing was almost non-existant ... If you had a band one at rehearsal there wouldn't be texts flying about, a committee meeting wasn't called, the MD didn't have to tell you, the players did over a pint in more often than not a humourous way (however, you still pulled your socks up!) ... From what i've heard they're still a VERY happy band! I REALISE THIS WOULDN'T WORK FOR EVERY BAND

    I was also involved in another band in which every man and his dog were on the committee. This included non-players who just didn't understand some of the quirks of banding, telephone conversations before committee meetings with people planning strategies and more band votes that a Government running a country! If a vote didn't go peoples way, back-stabbing and cliques (i think that's how you spell it) started.

    I personally as a player just like to be told when to turn up, what to wear and what time approximately I can get to the pub after!