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    Brassband Panta Rhei Ghent is looking for a concert on saturdayevening, october 13, 2007. Area: inbetween London and Folkstone.

    We are coming over for the SCABA contest on sunday october 14 and we are willing to bring half a concert. Not only a contestpiece but also a lot of original entertaining items are on our programme!
    Of course when the contest is delayed to anaother weekend we are rearranging our schedule. But we thing the contest will be normally in that weekend.

    please contact MD, Paul Voet on
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    Exchange Concert

    Is there is any band in the wide area arround Folkstone who willing to share a concert with our friendly band, Brassband Panta Rhei (Ghent)? On the saturday day before the SCABA autumn contest (pres. Saturday October 14, 2007)

    We offer:
    1. Entertaining program - solo items and light music + 1 contest piece.
    2. We offer you at least 1 concert in the neighbourgood of Ghent on Saturdayevening September 29, 2007) for a full crowd!:clap: :clap:
    3. Food before the concert :tup :tup + social drink afterwards :tup :tup .

    please contact:
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    Threads merged. Paul - please do not post duplicate threads - there's absolutely no need for it.
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    but I could not find the former one....:oops:

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