Band librarians - can any of you help me out please?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by lisa65, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. lisa65

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    Hi, I'm the librarian for Gosport Solent Brass. We are currently rehearsing the Alan Fernie arrangement of Macarthur Park.

    We bought the score and parts a few years back but have only recently got it out to play. It has now been discovered that the set contains two 2nd horn parts and no 1st horn. Also our flugel player recently left and is ignoring all requests to return the music, so we are now missing the flugel part, too.

    If anybody can help me out with these two parts, could you PM me please? I'd be eternally grateful! I can produce the score and other parts as "proof" that we did in fact buy the originals and that we aren't using illegal photocopies.
  2. Accidental

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    your best option would be to contact either the company you bought your set from, or the publisher (Obrasso?) direct. They should be able to supply individual parts legally to compete your set.
  3. lisa65

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    I'll look into that, thanks :)
  4. Publishers are becoming quite amenable to this now. We for instance, offer replacement parts free if we can send them to you via email for you to print yourself. If however you wish for us to print them and post them to you, then there is a small cost covering charge.

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