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  1. OneTonBass

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    Do Handleys have the monopoly on band jacksets or have people got their jackets from elsewhere?
    We need to add to our collection and would be looking for a supplier.
    Who have you dealt with and are they any good?
    Any help or links appreciated.
  2. postie

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    We recently started using a company called Leisurewear Direct to get jackets from who are based in Buxton. Prices are very reasonable.
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Great idea Richard. If this thread should ever have a nice long list, we should edit the 1st post to include all those mentioned. It could be a useful resource.

    So folks - if you can post the name and perhaps contact details of the tailor you used for your band jackets, t'would be good. Ta.
  4. sheilawinter

    sheilawinter Member

    I have made a few Band Jackets myself and also two full band sets of waistcoats.

    I also make Banners depending on what style of Jacket it is.
  5. Deano

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    There is another thread on here somewhere about other uniform suppliers, can't seem to find it a present, from what I can remember reading, Satchmo Shaz uses a company close to Long Eaton that will match Handley's Jackets in style and colour. I think Abergavenny have also used the same company, try contacting Jason Harris.
  6. marytrom

    marytrom New Member

    I have seen Sheilas work and it is excellent!:clap:
  7. ploughboy

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    I have to say, we used Leisurewear Direct for our new set of walking out jackets for last years nationals, They keep their prices down by providing Childrens blazers in some very large sizes, but still with narrow arms - we had varying buttons and some really poor linning work. The customer service left a lot to be desired! We went back and forth several times with some quite nasty "discussions" in order to get somewhere near what we wanted, Oh and they were the ones who came and measured us!!

    As has been said many times before - You get what you pay for!
  8. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    99% of the time I would agree with that :)
  9. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    I think the specialist makers' days are numbered as more and more bands are going for a more contemporary look and can buy much cheaper elsewhere.
  10. my band did exactlty the same thing, namely matching new jackets to an exsisting set. We used a company called Alexander James of Pendelbury, Manchester. We were very pleased, the match was perfect in all details, the quality was fine, and the delivery was in only a few weeks. The all important prices was about 60% of the Handley quote we received.

    All that being said, Handleys jackets are always first class quality, and if you don't want to gamble with the bands hard earned money.......
  11. gawber

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  12. ploughboy

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    The best things in life are free???!!! :)
  13. on_castors

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    I know I live in a sheltered backwater, but we aren't QUITE ready for gold braid and mess jackets in purple or red for our contemporary Friday nights out with the lads here in Coventry, so I presume we are talking walking-out gear here? :wink:
  14. Hornted

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    After purchasing the cheaper option for a set of walking outs, without much success, poor quality etc we decided to go to Handley's for our new stage uniforms and have to say were delighted with the quality and level of service. You certainly do get what you pay for and as the last stage uniforms had been is use for the previous 15 years (and still going strong now with another band) we felt the investment certainly worth it.

    Melanie Cooper
    Newstead Band
  15. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    My current band uniform is the second I have had in the "cheaper end" of Handleys handiwork over the last 5 years (2 different bands), and they are not in the "investment" category in my opinion.

    Previous Handleys gear I have had in better quality fabrics were very much a quality product, but the synthetic fabrics in the last 2 jackets I have had are not going to last in the same way, and the trimmings are tarmishing oddly in places after less than 2 years. Synthetic fabric Jackets, even though much thinner, bring out floods of sweat under hot lighting too!

    Beware and "go the whole hog" even though it is more expensive, the better finish is the better bet if you can afford it. The cheaper option is not exactly cheap, but might prove to be short-sighted, even though money is always tight at the bottom end of Banding :-(

    I certainly can't complain about Handleys service though, on one occasion he even came to my home to sort out a minor problem for one jacket, not a whole band-set. They are not easily flapped over sizings and shapes from the smallest to the biggest (and they know about things like more back and arm room for FAT Bass players!:D) and still get good fittings with few alterations being needed, something I have not found to be the case with suits I have had made to measure in the past.
  16. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    We also used this company ordered in Jan for areas in March only 2 out of full set fitted, after twelve months with delays from both sides we finally got a full set of jackets without the offer of a discount. similar problems with sleeves etc
  17. David Mann

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    I was once in a Salvation Army band where we decided to try having our uniforms made by a high street tailor in order to undercut SP&S (the official suppliers). The results were hilarious as half the band had navy blue not quite as dark as the rest, and some had conventional SA trousers, the rest had flares (this was the '70s)!
  18. Handleys do seem to be the people who are the most contacted about for band stuff but how would you rate their pricing for stuff, is it good for the standard of stuff they provide?
  19. Hornted

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    I think so, the new uniforms we purchased last year were of a good quality with an excellent service being provided, delivery dates met etc.

    For our walking out jackets a few years ago we were supplied by another company that has been mentioned on this forum before, certainly cheaper but you get what you pay for - poor quality, no idea re deadlines etc.
  20. Bungle

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    We have been trying to get some jumpers to match our jackets for the youngsters in the band. We contacted TOR designs who now own Handleys, but they are not returning our calls. Any one else had problems?

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