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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by stopher, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. stopher

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    My band have just received the renewal quote for all the instruments for £650 (a full sized band plus about 10 extra student instruments)

    One committee member thought this was a bit steep and has asked me to look into what other bands are insured for and how much does it cost them

    I know we also insure the bandroom and are insured for public liabilty but can't remember if these are in this quote!

    Also, do you have to insure the lottery instruments and for how long (ours are now 12 years old).

    So, how much do you pay and what are you covered for?
  2. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    We paid just under £600 for around the same number of instruments, including £5 million public liability (was £2 million, but now our local councils require £5m before they give you a park job. I don't know what havoc they think a band might cause).
  3. a_szafranek

    a_szafranek Member

    I think it's in case any damage is caused to the audience members ear drums
  4. KMJ Recordings

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    TBH the number you've been quoted for the amount of cover I'm guessing you've got is about in line with that which I'd expect from my insurers - put it into context by thinking about the cost of car insurance....
  5. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Coming from a trombone player that comment is very relevant ;)
  6. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Having sat in front of you, I can see your point!;)
  7. SuperMosh

    SuperMosh New Member

    Excellent point - I have paid £600 to insure old bangers when I first started driving so £600 for a full band set (£40k+?) plus the public liability stuff seems reasonable on the scale of things.
  8. tpcornet12

    tpcornet12 Member

    mmmm.. but how much 3rd party damage can you cause with a brass instrument!??
  9. davidwalton

    davidwalton Member

    Insurance is an Evil, but one that is needed.

    Lets not forget that there is far less RISK for insuring an instrument than a car. The damage you can cause is also far less.
  10. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Leave your case at the top of the stairs for someone to fall over, then down the stairs and left unable to work....then tell me that PLI isn't a necessary evil.
  11. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    IMO different, but still there.
  12. on_castors

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    Only if ploughing into a pavement full of pedestrians with a tenor horn at walking pace can cause as much damage as a 1990 Ford Fiesta at 50mph!

    I suppose it only needs something to go wrong, and for one person to get seriously injured, and the claim to provide a lifetime of care & lost earnings will easily run into a couple of millions, so the sum insured is not SO silly, however the risk of something like that happening and it being the fault of the Band is still very low.

    As I see it, with instruments there is usually a long list of exclusions - things like theft from cars and damage when NOT in cases, whereas most cars would be covered for theft even if you DID park it in the worst part of town!
  13. SuperMosh

    SuperMosh New Member

    If you drop a £4k instrument on the other hand...or some little chav nicks it....
  14. slider

    slider Member

    Does any one know of a case where a claim has been made against a Brass Band Public Liability insurance policy?
  15. bbg

    bbg Member

    Our treasurer announced at committee earlier this week that she had this year's renewal quote -
    instrument cover (youth and senior bands, insured value in total over £80k!) plus PLI comes in at just over £800.
    PLI needn't be concerned with damage caused by "the band" - but if an audience member is injured in any way at a band-organised concert/event, that's where insurance is absolutely necessary.
  16. slider

    slider Member

    Don't venues have PLI also? Yes, I have insurance for many things but £5,000,000 PLI for a brass band is OTT
  17. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    I actually asked the Insurers this and they said "not to their knowledge"..
  18. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    The venues will have insurance for their own negligence - they are not though responsible for what your members do and therefore you need to have your own cover.
  19. slider

    slider Member

    Westoe Band has paid £534.85 for £57,000 instrument insurance and £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance for a policy from Ecclesiastical. I've uploaded the policy to our website (its in the Westoe News Page accessed from the horizontial menu)
  20. SaddLad

    SaddLad New Member

    Our band have been told we need £10 million PLI cover to play carols in the Trafford Centre this December. Our policy with BBIS covers us for up to £5m and on speaking to the broker they are not aware of any companies offering the required cover for brass bands.

    Anyone else come across venues with a fear of brass bands to this extent and has anyone any suggestions where such cover might be obtained?