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    Thanks for reading this. :D

    This is NOT a brass band. Its a very good standard wind/concert band.
    Its based in Central Edinburgh on Monday nights.
    Based at Bristo Baptist Church, Queensferry Road, EH4 3DJ

    We don't play the same music over and over again for months!
    There are no auditions, no politics and no egos!
    The band uses several conductors and the music changes frequently.

    If you fancy a change, maybe you would like to play in a relaxed atmosphere, with totally different ethos and playing music that is interesting and fun to play.
    The band has its own top quality instruments thanks to a Scottish Arts Council grant (the biggest ever awarded for a band)

    The band does concerts, goes away for residential social/musical weekends and performs in Europe as well. Its a very sociable band.
    The band are planning to make a CD in 2011.
    You can see what the band gets up to by looking at:


    If you fancy something different-then maybe this is it. :clap:
    Get in touch and we can tell you more.
    Contact us as follows:
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    This is just not true: where there are people there are politics and egos. Why do people actually believe this?

    I wish do you well with your recruitment though, sounds like an good group.
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