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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by hells_baritone, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. hells_baritone

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    at our band we've come to a unanimous decision to go on a trip abroad during summer 2007...we have a destination in mind, but the organisers of this particular trip can only accomodate one band, and I think we are one of 3 bands in the running...

    could anyone be kind enough to provide details of foriegn holidays/trips that organisers provide for bands? we haven't been abroad before, so don't really know what to look out for!

  2. Janet Watkins

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    Does your local town have a 'twinning' arrangement with a town abroad?

    Whitwell went to Germany in 2005 visiting Pfungstadt, twinned with Bassetlaw in Notts.

    I posted about the trip here and here

  3. Chunky

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    Cawston went abroad in 2006 for the first time and it was a great experience for the band, both musically and socially.

    Everything was arranged for us by Rayburn Tours whose knowledge and expertise made the job so easy for us.

    Its worth trying a visit to a 'Twin Town'. Our visit was to Norwich's twin city in Germany and because of this we received grants towards the cost from the local council and the Twinning Association.

    Good luck with the venture!
  4. Daisy Duck

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    Mid Sussex went to the twin town of Burgess Hill, Schmallenburg, in Germany in August. We go every two years and play in a musical festival they hold there. For travel arrangements, we are very lucky that a local musician happens to own his own coach so he drives and then sits on the back row to help out! I believe that organising everything ourselves has helped keep costs down. We're not paying some travel company's commission.
  5. Kerwintootle

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    How about a trip to New Zealand. Our National Brass Band Championships are held at the beginning of July. My friend Simon Hocking organises tours for musical groups. You can contact him through his website he looked after Yorkshire Co-op Band when they came over in 2005.

    Visit for details about the contest.
  6. Bungle

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    The IBEW site has a list of tour companies here
  7. Bob Thompson

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