Band Gigs in Tenby Area in August

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by satchmo101, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Ay up !,

    Going on hol to Tenby next week and wondered if any local bands need an extra cornet for concerts ?.

    I know trying to get a gig when on holiday might sound a bit obsessive, but we have one of our biggest concerts of the year the day after I get back (22nd) and also the nationals in a month so I can't afford to let my lip go totally.

    Tried to find out about local bands on the internet but details are sparse - can't seem to find anything about Tenby town band.


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  3. Unfortunatly tenby town band are virtually non existent i dont think they have a full band let alone a website and they dont usually have many concerts if you fancy coming to a rehersal in goodwick they practise on mondays and fridays starting at 7.30 in a green shed next to the chip shop in goodwick. Contact me for more details.
  4. satchmo101

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    Shame about Tenby band. Have seen them most times we've been down to Tenby. Nothing better than a band by the seaside !. Thanks for the offer of practising with you, but if I can't get something pretty local to Tenby, it looks like a week of Silent Brass or possibly cliff top cornetting.



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