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  1. Beesa

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    I have been in bands where the committee decide everything (often made up mostly of non-players) and the band basically just turn up and play. This usually worked quite well.

    I have been in a band where everything (and I mean everything) was decided by the conductor/MD.

    And another band where most things were discussed in the band room and voted by the players. (There was a lot of practice time wasted in that particular band!)

    Each of the systems had their pros and cons and I have to admit to quite like having all the decisions made for me as there are were few arguments then. Oh and there was less chance for band politics entering the equation.

    Any comments as to systems that have worked or not worked for your band?
  2. euphojim

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    Like you I have experienced several different types of management and decision making arrangements in the bands I have been with. Which system is best really depends on what individuals are looking for. Some players are happy to let the decisions be taken by a select few because all they want to do is come along, play and (sometimes) enjoy the social sides of banding. Others may want to be part of a more democratic and inclusive decision making process in which everyone has a say on all policy and even operational issues. For me the best system I have experienced was where the band had a clear constitution and set of rules, major policy issues would be agreed at the AGM and then a Committee of just three (MD, Secretary and Treasurer) would deal with all day to day business. But as I say, that would not suit everyone.
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    We have always (well ever since i've been at the band anyway) had a system where the band is the committee, we have officers (band sergant, contest sec etc) like most place but the other committee members are rest are the band.

    Everyone knows when committee meetings are and know that if they want to have a say to turn up. With regard to decisions etc some are made at meetings if there are enough people there if not and we feel it needs discussing at a rehearsal then we works perfectly (or i haven't heard otherwise if not !!).
  4. scotchgirl

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    I think having a committee made up of purely non-playing members can raise some tricky issues. For example rehearsals/extra rehearsals, concert availabilities isn't always easy for non-playing members to understand just how much is TOO much lol!

    As for the conductor deciding everything...I'm sure that a lot of conductors would like this (JOKE)....I'm not sure that you can run a band like this. One person taking responsibility for everything is bound to cause ructions eventually if his views are not agreed with....

    I think that the best you can have is a committee of elected members, mostly playing, some non-playing and officers, and the conductor deciding stuff about the music and who plays what part etc.....
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    I'm a play n practice sort of girl. Our committee is absolutley fantastic and extreamly hard and has a mixture of player and non playing members. I have no problems with there decsions they make.
  6. themusicalrentboy

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    at a guess why no-one argues?? ;)
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    Trust you to pick up onmy bad spelling, you know what I meant:biggrin:
    Doh, don't go there stelxx
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    I've never been in a band where the comittee are non-playing members and I don't think I ever will be! When I first started playing in Brass bands, my teacher said to me, don't ever get involved in the comittee, just enjoy the music (or words along those lines) and I have so far stuck with his advice. I've disagreed with a few comittee decisions, when I've put work into trying to help the band and I can see that sometimes, being on the comittee can be a thankless task. I'm happy doing my bit but if our band's comittee weren't players, I would leave. They obviously won't have a true insight as to what the band wants and needs...
  9. brassbandmaestro

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    Ive been in a band where the Secretary wasn't a playing member, and that didn't work out at all well. Committee work and be involved, etc, is a thankless task.
  10. jockinafrock

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    We have a fantastic committee! How many can say that? Two of our committee are not regular players - the contest and the engagement secretaries. They pick up an instrument as an when needed but the majority of their time is keeping us up to date with all we need to know. Whilst they rarely play, they are at nearly every practice/engagement and are a godsend! The rest of the committee ensure we run a tight ship and that the politics are dealt with professionally and discreetly. We get to know what we need to know, and are spared the anxieties and stresses that face many committees. Having been on committees myself I know that it is not an easy job, and the behind the scenes work that they do is phenomenal! Well done Crewe Co-op!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: