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  1. RedOctober

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    So I hear that BTM qualified for the new Band Cymru Contest. Who else got through? And now BTM don't have a band anymore, will they go as BTMX? Or will they be forced to forfeit? If they do, will another band take their place? And if so who? An interesting situation and a shame as the prize money I hear is very good.
  2. Ianroberts

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    Wey hey, another one, keep em comming red !

  3. Posh

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    Have you googled 'Band Cymru 2014'?
  4. RedOctober

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    No, bound to be someone on here with answers! Alexandria, where are you??
  5. PeterBale

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    Spurious posts removed.

    As for the initial question, as the contest does not specify the make-up of the ensemble concerned, there should be no problem in them appearing in their new guise, as referred to here:
  6. RedOctober

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    Thanks Peter
  7. RedOctober

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    And also well done BTM, I think it's fantastic that you will be competing despite the difficulties of late. Seems to be quite a varied contest actually, so a smaller band ensemble will be really interesting I think.