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  1. Al

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    I wonder how other bands communicate about rehearsals, concerts, committee meetings etc.

    Our band use email of course, but just to back things up we post a letter too for committee meetings. Although because someone has discovered they can also txt groups of people at once then that gets used too. Sometimes. Then if things are really desperate we can use the phone - mobile or otherwise.

    The likes of Facebook is very good too of course but not everyone uses that.

    I suppose with most of us - but not all - having internet access on our mobiles then we could all use the band website, but even then that is hardly reliable.

    It seems to me that with all the methods of communication available we are no better off. In fact worse off because assumptions are made that people have got a communication when they haven't.

    Our band is a bit of a mess when it comes to communication. I wonder how other bands get on?
  2. bassmittens

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    We just do as we're told by Christine!! (our secretary)
  3. Bass Trumpet

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    In my experience, email is a very useful tool, but often misunderstandings can occur. I think bands should just use it for information, but it shouldn't replace a proper discussion.
  4. 2nd man down

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    We use telephones, emails and text messages, but our most useful tool is our own internet based chat forum. Fantastic tool to have, we've come to depend on it now.
  5. StellaJohnson

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    internet, facebook, phone, text, or discussions from rehearsal
  6. Matt Lawson

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    My lasting legacy of my time at Emley - really chuffed you/we still use it frequently!
  7. WoodenFlugel

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    In the past I've always used telephone for important things like canceled rehearsals. You have to know if people have been told - I'd hate to be the one to turn up to band just because I didn't get an email or text for whatever reason.

    Of course internet, text and other methods are all good backups, but the first line of communication should always be face-to-face or over the phone IMO.
  8. tubafran

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    At the two bands I play at we use all the technology, group texts, emails, Google Calendar for events etc and even notices both verbal and writen at rehearsals.

    But the one bit of technology that would be really useful is getting people to:

    a) not leave their mobiles turned off for days on end ("its only for emergencies")
    b) read their emails
    c) not keep changing there internet provider and having new email address without mentioning they have.

    Yep all the technology is available we just need a way of hardwiring it in to some peoples brains ;)
  9. Bungle

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    We use email a lot, but for things like cancelled rehearsals, the email is followed up by a phone call, that person is then given a list of other members to call so that one person doesn't have to phone the whole band.

    We also have committee meetings by tele conference using a free dial in number. One of the committe members works for a company that pays a yearly fee for conference call facilities and they don't mind us using the number on a Sunday.
  10. scotchgirl

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    we mainly use emails and facebook and texts...and phone those who don't have or use either.

    The problem with communication is that its a two way thing, and band members also have to remember to inform the committee when they're not available as well as the committee informing them of changes etc....

    (Can you tell that I'm the dep fixer? lol!)
  11. StellaJohnson

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    we have notice board and cards with all the date and time for each job, and if someone cannot make a concert they put the name on the board
  12. scotchgirl

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    This sounds like a good idea...but we don't have our own band room, so we instead send out a spreadsheet with all the jobs/rehearsals on it, and they're supposed to fill it in....

    Doesn't stop people coming up to me the week before a concert and telling me they're not available though...grrrrrrrr
  13. gingerdave

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    hmm now there's an excellent idea, i've just been roped into a 'lowly' committee position so i wonder if my work would mind me using mine for this ;-)
  14. alanl58

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    As Band Organiser I produce a monthly "Forecast of Events" with a marker showing items that have been added in the preceding month, thus allowing members to react and respond if unavailable.

    On the back I produce a newletter which adds a bit of meat to some events, welcomes new players so that everyone knows their name etc, and re-caps decisions that may have been taken in a members absence ("Oh! I didn't know that...." etc).

    Then for each event I produce a detailed sheet that shows where, when, what uniform, where to park, where the toilets are etc, and a small map if it is a rural location (which many in Cornwall are!) There is also a contact number so that people unavoidably detained can let us know of their late, or indeed non, arrival.

    We have a short-notice notification system where one text message and one or two phone calls will tell everyone of a cancelled event; each player tells another two using a pre-arranged medium - never just e-mail or Facebook, it is too unreliable - some people never switch their phone or computer on regularly enough - and the message is quickly spread.

    Fortunately we do not have a Committee, decisions are taken on rehearsal nights by the whole band, and re-capped on the Newsletter.

    All this might seem a bit OTT, but having been on the receiving end of vague instructions, locations, and timings, I try to treat everyone as a newcomer both to the Band and to Cornwall, and it works!

    Bude Metric Brass
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  16. mikey.smithy

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    At GUS virtually everything is done via the members area on the website. It communicates all events and holds an availability calender for all rehearsals and jobs up to a year in advance which is used by everybody. Concerts are locked for editing 4 weeks before the event so if somebody is unavailable at short notice they have to tell me - I then tell them to find their own dep!!!!

    If, as per this winter, we had to cancel a couple of rehearsals due to the weather - a group text sorts it with everybody confriming they have received it. Any unconfirmed are then rung personally. After that, if they turn up, its their fault for not checking their phone / messages / email.

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    :tup Way to go