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    Audience numbers have dramatically decreased over the years - is there a solution to attracting audiences back to these concerts? Based in the north west we have a plethora of quality band clubs at our disposal which are not being filled on a sunday night (delph,boarshurst,dobcross,glosso to name but a few. This is fairly cheap entertainment for a live concert and surely there must be a way to increase audience numbers. The band clubs are not putting on the quality of bands that we saw in years gone by and this is the common complaint I hear from many banders. The clubs say they can't afford it but if they put good bands on the audiences will follow! I know this from experience-we did a one off concert with IP brass last year and easily filled one band club. Any thoughts?
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    There's a bit of a difference between one off concerts and regular band club nights. Can see why it might be too expensive to regularly have top section bands at these sort of things if they are going to ask for more money than other bands, and personally I would rather have a series of 9 or 10 local bands in a band club season than less concerts but only top section bands. Have been to most of the concerts at Stocksbridge band club this year, with bands ranging from non-con and 4th section to recently promoted to champ/recently relegated from champ, and there have been some very enjoyable concerts from all levels.

    Banders should support banding. Bit pathetic if they say they'll only turn up to listen to the very top bands.
  3. Blagger

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    During my college years I was fortunate enough to live in Greenfield ( about 20 meters from the club ) and Diggle (close to Delph , DobX etc) -
    I cannot believe that banders do not turn up to these venues in the numbers they used to. I went at least twice a month and if i lived nearer I would try to get down often - didn't matter what band was on too much either.
    Playing at a band club is different to any other concert you will ever do - especially if Nic Childs walks in half way through your solo which you were practising in his lesson earlier - but thats another story:D
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    Quite often a few of us have spare sunday evenings and think about going to listen to a band at a band club. We have found it difficult to find out who is on & where - especially difficult when googling through a mobile. On several occaisions we have randomly turned up at band clubs to find no bands on and on a couple of occasions at band clubs where we had picked up flyers the week before advertising bands who had subsequently dropped out.
    Is there anywhere online listing when and where bands are on, in one convenient place?

    Maybe better advertising could help, it is weird turning up to play at a band club to find the only audience is the barstaff and your own band groupies/parents.
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    You have raised a very good point Louise. Since Ian Payne passed away, a web page regarding concerts has not exsisted, However at present we are in the process of building one which will, hopefully, be on line in a couple of weeks under
    I will notify when it is up and running.
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    The audiences are pretty good at Stocksbridge band club. We run the season over the first 5 months of the year. This year having 14 bands.

    I think by having the shorter season it stops people losing interest, they make sure they come while they can to see the bands. If the band club just runs indefinitely, people don't bother as much, they can always go next month.

    Our band club comes to an end next sunday 15th June where we hold a prize giving concert. Giving prizes to the most entertaining band and best soloist. No money prizes. just awards, and they really seem to be appreciated by the local bands who give bigger and better concerts each year.

    This year we've had dancers, fireworks, opera singers etc as part of the conerts given by the bands. Brilliant to see such vibrance and energy being put forward.

    I do think band clubs can work and they really add to the local community, as well as encourage local bands and musicians, especially the very talented young players in the area.

    If you're in the area on 15th, pop along and have a look, it's free entry (we just ask everyone to buy into the raffle) Great venue too, Niagara Police Social club in Hillsbourough Sheffield
  7. Boarshurst

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    The web site mentioned previously today is now up and running.

    At present only details regarding Boarshurst Band Club are on as I am awaiting the details regarding the other Clubs. (I have e-mailed them and await reply) However, for your information this site will cover Boarshurst, Dobcross, Diggle and Delph band clubs. Hope this will assist when looking for a Sunday concert. There is to be a Link / Contact page for bands to place contact details and web site information and hopefully, if the response is good from the Saddleworth Band, we will have a Player Vacancy page.
  8. Al

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    Clip from above site:
    Boarshurst Band Club are pleased to present;-

    8th June.
    Phoenix Brass Ensemble,

    This is an excellent Brass Ensemble led by Graham Hetherington.
    One not to be missed.

    As a youngster Graham gave me a lot of his time in teaching. He's a top bloke!

    It was fantastic to see him again, nearly 30 years later at Blackpool with Timperley to win the 4th Section in 2002.

    It would be nice to have some feedback on how the concert went. Unfortunately I am not in UK just now so can't be there.
  9. Cornet Nev.

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    A national style website for brass band concerts would be a good thing. We have a number of events coming up that I find really difficult to advertise efficiently, so as to reach an audience with a brass band interest. Local newspapers and radio are fine, but don't always reach the people who would come along if they knew it was happening.
  10. PeterBale

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    I find the most comprehensive website for listing events is at

    Go to "Events" and click on "Brass band events diary"; very easy to submit items, and clear, easy to follow layout. used to have a pretty good Events section, but it was pulled due to spamming problems and the site has not yet had its promised relaunch.
  11. Al

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    Perhaps a bit of interaction and feedback on tmp might get the audience numbers up?

    How did the concert go at Boarshurst Band Club with Phoenix Brass Ensemble last night (8th June).

    What pieces were played?
    Were the audience receptive?
    Who was in the audience?
    Who was in the band?

    One of our local bands was playing tonight in our area, and by sheer chance Derek Broadbent's cousin was in the audience! He mentioned this in the interval and only because the band announced they were playing one of Derek's arrangements. It seems that the family had lost touch and because the cousin had noticed Derek wasn't conducting Brighouse a few years back, he assumed he had departed to conduct a big brass band in the sky!!

    I was pleased to put him right there.
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  12. basebonetone

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    Excellent concert at Boarshurst last night. Band club very well attended with a very light programme which was very well recieved by the audience. Included arrangements and pieces such as colonel bogey, superstar, movies selection, star wars, and many more.

    A very different programme from the usual and also included two world premiers of a new compositions 'Canon and Theme' and 'wanna be like you' by local composers Steve Kenyon and Terry Howes. Also on show were two soloists playing 'Misty' by the ensembles principal cornet and 'Jeannie with the light brown hair' performed on bass trombone.

    Feedback from the audience was extremely positive and the band are hoping to do more club engagements in the future.
  13. ploughboy

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    I live in Leeds, and talking with a freind just the other day we were saying there's not really a significant band club in West Yorks. I've been down to Stocksbridge once or twice but it's an hour drive and a bit much for Sunday nights. Over the tops is also a long drive for a quiet Sunday eve watching a band. Kippax band club don't feature bands in the same way as the "traditional" club. I don't think there's anything in Hudds. and given the wide selection of bands around you'd think that'd be a prime spot!
  14. Frontman

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    If your playing in the Saddleworth / Oldham /Rochdale area give me a call and I am sure I could put a surrounding area page on the site. I suppose that could go for all North West area bands.
  15. Are band clubs under the same live music licensing laws? I can't remember if the lisences are for both indoor and outdoor or not, but if indoor, could that be a reason for fewer concerts on?
  16. StellaJohnson

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    If there was a band club near where i lived , i.e walking distance. I would definetly be there every week good band or not. I love watching live music.
  17. Al

    Al Member

    Perhaps I am showing my ignorance here, but what exactly is a Band Club?

    Reading through the thread, it sounds a great concept (I wish it could start in our area, but the "mafia band wars" is more like what we have to put up with!)
  18. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    I wonder if its possible to start a Band Club in my area, LSC or SCABA. Would they be able to start a series of concerts, say 9 or 10??
  19. Chunky

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    Of course you could start a band club. You are in an area which has several bands, write to those and ask who would be interested.

    Good luck with it, I look forward to hearing how it progresses.
  20. brassbandmaestro

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    You sound pretty positive Chunky!!!

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