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    Hi, i have just volunteered to take on the asset management for my band and was wondering what ideas and tips there are to make it an effective role.

    What would the job description look like in terms of detail?

    What ideas are there for effective history and tracking of assets?


    Ian Dawn
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    Well if you can find a database application and tailor it for brass banding I think you will find it very useful. I am surprised that in brass banding, it is generally not clear who is actually responsible for assets (instruments, stands, band-room, drapes, music, furnishings etc.)

    I think the job would extend to ensuring that instruments etc. are looked after, perhaps by an annual inspection.

    I wonder how many instruments go missing and end up in a loft when a player drifts off?
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    Our equipment manager uses a database set up on his mobile phone, that means at band he always has his records with him. Instrument Serial numbers, jackets, walking outs, ties and waterproofs are all numbered, and players with multiple mutes (cornets & troms) are responsible for their own set, they're all numbered. . . .