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  1. James Yelland

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    There is a fairly substantial article in today's Times about brass bands in general and Carlton Main Frickley in particular. No doubt it is in the online version as well but you can find that for yourselves!
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  3. Thirteen Ball

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    Seems a pretty fair insight to me. Not often we get that sort of sympathetic approach from a non-bander, and particularly not from a london-based national newspaper....
  4. mac1

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    £10000 a year retainer offered to a trom player! Where?
  5. Laserbeam bass

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    Yeah, I thought it must have been a typo too.
  6. iRyan

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    Yeah, I don't remember a 10k offer for me, I wish!
  7. mac1

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    Yeah i wish too!! No wonder bands are in trouble if they start paying out 5 figure retainers
  8. Zappa

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    There's plenty of 5 figure retainers paid ...
  9. AndyCat

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    Relatively, there are hardly any these days.
  10. Elliebone

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    An interesting read...and a fair reflection of the state of play at the top end. I would have liked to see more positive spin about the community benefits of lower section bands. Personally, I still play in my local band (okay.. for the purists I did give up for 18 years!) and it matters to me that we turn out on Armitice Day, play carols, play at the re-opening of our local station etc. But I want all that alongside quality music making and (ideally) some contest success. We also have a training band which gives access to brass playing for new learners young and old. This all costs lots of money. Surely some funding should be available to bands without the constant hassle of applying for lottery money, with all that entails? There is a limit to how many sponsored blows and table top sales anyone can tolerate in a year!

    Good luck to Carlton Main - you obviously impressed the journalist with English Heritage :)
  11. Cornet_Matt

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    Yeah, I was pleased they liked that, it's such a great piece and should deserve more recognition, as should many other fantastic brass band test pieces!
  12. Backrowmike

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    Just imagine what bands could do if we had a fair share of Arts Council money? In Britain people are getting quality music on the cheap!
  13. WhatSharp?

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    Sorry but other than a brief article from my old band in London, it was all pits n politics ( banding and otherwise ).. the banding movement is never going to move on in its image unless we can loose some of the stereotyping which goes on. :(
  14. tubaloopy

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    Would you like to quantify that statement?
  15. towse1972

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    That would be very helpful wouldnt it? :rolleyes:
  16. Masterblaster jnr

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    Maybe BMG have offered Ryan's pop/punk band (he'll kill me if i've got that wrong) a contract with them and 'the band' would quite like the lead singer of the next Take That as their star player :)
  17. iRyan

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    Haha I wish Jonny I wish
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    I play with a top section Yorkshire band who also turn out on Armistice Day, play carols around the local villages on several days leading up to Xmas, play on Xmas Eve and Xmas day morning, play at our local church's Christmas Tree blessing ceremony, at the turning on of the tree lights at the next village on and our unique feast day the last Monday in June, where many band members book the day off work to take part in the church walk and festival that has been going for many more years than brass banding itself.

    Please don't suggest that the "top end" are only interested in contest results and rankings, we also appreciate our history, where we came from and our role in the local community. It isn't just the lower section bands that offer "community benefits".
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  19. Rapier

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    It's a shame the article concentrates so much on 'mining' bands. Other Village and Town bands have been about for as long. It's not all about contests.
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