Bagpuss - A Sociopolitical Analysis

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    I'm deeply, totally embarrassed to say I've seen that website before. :oops: :redface:

    Well, it was a quiet day in work, and I thought....Ok, so maybe there really is no justification for being that tragic. :(
  3. Nanny Ogg

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    "Bagpuss could be said to exist within the mind of each one of us, a creative force that lies dormant but full of potential. He only needs to be awakened."

    I am relieved to find out that Bagpuss is only in my mind. :confused:
  4. yonhee

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    Stupid smartfilter is blocking it :|
  5. bigmamabadger

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    No, I think that's actually more worrying. What on earth were you thinking to create Bagpuss?!?!
  6. Nanny Ogg

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    I think someone must have been and sneaked in whilst I was off elsewhere, and created Bagpuss Drat!
  7. Will the Sec

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    I used to work with a Stephen Balchin, whose side burns of many colours gave him a Bagpuss-esque look. I wonder if it's the same one????
  8. yonhee

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    Its weird... Couldn't read it all...
  9. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Very good - look at his Mr Benn page too !
    (as referenced in the 'Kids programmes association thread' some months ago)

    It's amazing just how much you can read into the subtext of something like this, and merely serves to strengthen my long held opinion that a large proportion of in depth analysis of literature and the arts is actually simply made up.

    Also see "How to identify a cat"
  10. bagpuss

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    I am glad that it has finally been recognised that my potential is merely dormant. People have said for some time that all I need is awakening. Having said that, the same people would probably be able to bear testament to the fact that I do indeed take some considerable amount of waking. As is inferred on the page in question, Bagpuss is the main character and is only one step away from Emily who is described as a God like character. This once again is in line with what I've been saying for many years, that I am indeed only one step away from being God. I am omnipotent. I am everywhere and nowhere. As is stated, I am in the minds of everyone and i can categorically say that some of those minds need a good spring clean with some carbolic soap or even bleach. Especially bagpuss.

    Finally, I must just re-iterate that I am unequivocably the one and only true BAGPUSS.

    All others are mere imitations.

    The Rt Hon Bagpuss esq
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  11. brassneck

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    - heheheheheh! Did anyone click on the Oliver Postgate link near the top?
  12. Charmed

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    Jeez! All these years I thought Bagpuss was just a cartoon to entertain us! I'll never be able to watch an episode (if shown) again, without delving into my mind to find the connection! :eek:
  13. bigmamabadger

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    Which one? Loki the Jokester? Hanuman the Monkey-God?:tongue:
  14. rutty

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    Same here. Something to do with "sexual materials". That's not how I remember Bagpuss, unless there was a late-night version or something? :-?
  15. Nanny Ogg

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    Can I suggest reading Oliver Postgate's biography - "Seeing Things". Brilliant and as you read it a nice wam feeling comes over you as you remember all the great programmes he created.
  16. bigmamabadger

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    Somebody (probably my father, he's weird) bought me a cassette of Oliver Postgate reading bits of his biography. I love his voice. To me he will always be the voice of the Clangers.
  17. bagpuss

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    Really?? I thought that was a swannee whistle!!:biggrin: :tongue:

  18. Nanny Ogg

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    No Bagpuss, just like you the Clangers are real and therefore their voices are real. Its just a coincidence they sound like swannee whistles. It also proves that the 1969 Apollo Moon Landing was a hoax, because if they had really landed there would have been Clangers in the pictures.
  19. bigmamabadger

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    Actually, there are...
  20. bagpuss

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    Unless of course the clangers in question were off visiting button moon at the time.