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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ploughboy, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. ploughboy

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    Not quite sure where to put this mods?

    Two friends from work are getting married next year and the Groom has asked me (as a musician!!) if I know a Piper, I'm at a bit of a lose on this one.

    SO, does anyone know a decent player of the Pipes for a wedding in North/West Yorks area next summer.

    Many Thanks.
  2. tubadaz

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    Yes me ! I m scottish (I have a very scottish name) It was a bleak life in Scotland, all we had to do all day was learn the pipes,at age 6 I passed grade 7 bagpipe studies at the university of Loch Ness.Aye wer e all doomed...doomed I tell ye.
  4. KMJ Recordings

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    I thought you were going to say for November then :eek:
  5. Beesa

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    1. Obtain any cat and hold upside down by back legs

    2. Take deep breath

    3. Blow quite hard up any of the cats presented orifices

    Hey presto you have a cheap and easily accessible bagpipe
  6. Tubah

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    Why would a musician know a piper???

    Try Catterick Barracks, there'll be someone there who can help.
  7. WagTheStick

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    I run the Royal Signals band and we have a pipes and drums element. I think we have a couple of guys based in York.

    Give the band office a call 01258 482445 - and ask for the Pipe Majors number. He is called Jimmy Scott and should be able to help.

    Good Luck
  8. samandy

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  9. HorniKaz

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    Hi Gary

    Contact Andy Cat. Freckleton Band have a guy, I think he's called Chris, who played on a CD with them & also joins them at concerts.

    Kaz x

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