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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by stevetrom, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    I don't know why but I have a pretty bad record with cars :-

    Morris Marina 1300 (Yes, mustard) - RED letter after an MOT "This vehicle NUST NOT be taken on thre public highway" :(

    Vayxhall Chevette - white with a go faster stripe - head gasket gone, cylibder head warped - goodbye (p.s. the stripe did'nt work)

    Triumph Dolomite Sprint (yes, 2 litre,16 valve with overdrive in british racing green) ended upside down in a ditch (those damned skinnny tyres) p.s. Simon, don't tell mum she still does'nt know !!!

    Fiat Strada (red), really nice car, reduced to scrap after an accident in france - the car never made it home.

    Fiat Strada (blue) really bad car (bought the MOT for an extra £20) - died

    Peugeot 3?? Estate - good car, sold it to my Dad, broke down beore he did 50 miles :oops:

    Triumph Acclaim - engine went on the M40 (Stokenchurch Hill)

    Rover 216 (Company Car) - I told them it would'nt do 30,000 miles a year, it did'nt!

    Vauxhall Vectra (Diesel Company Car) - yes it did 30,00 a year but very slowly !

    another vectra, see above :mad:

    Peugeot 405 Diesel - took a long time dieing but evetually gave up the ghost at the exact spot where the Triumph Acclaim succumed to my individual driving stye !

    Renault Megane - very slow, very boring, very efficient (hooray) and I have'nt killed it yet.
  2. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    Not surprising really - that (albeit edited list) is like reading a who's who of the worst cars in history! :)

    As for mine...

    VW Beetle (clementine orange) - fantastic. It was 6 months to the day older than me and apart from the voltage regulator going bang (literally) it never missed a beat. I still see it around occasionally and it reminds me of when I was young *goes glassy eyed for a bit*

    BMW 2002 (Blue) - A huge mistake. A potentially great car, but I bought the first one I saw and paid the price for that. After having the prop. shaft replaced very early on it was an unreliable disaster. The wet weather handling was evil (probably due to cheap tyres) which caught me out on more than one occasion. It usually ended in a graceful spin, but I managed to run into the back of a workmate after he "went / stopped / went / stopped" at a set of traffic lights and having had it all repaired managed to do the same a few moths later. Eventually sold it to the sales manager at the local BMW dealership (nice bit of business really!)

    Datsun 180B Estate (blue / rust) Don't ask. Bought for £150 on the Thursday lunchtime. By Thursday night the evil handling crock. of **** was on it's side in a ditch after an accident I still cannot fathom. This lead me to me famously playing a contest with my neck in a brace due to the whiplash injuries. And don't even start on the conversation Me and My Dad had about this...

    AlfaSud (red - of course) Bought from a workmate who'd tuned it to compete in sprints. Despite only being a 1.3 it would easily see off an RS Turbo escort up to 60. Trouble was the engine was so highly tuned I couldn't get it across town to my girlfriends on a Friday night without it coughing and spluttering and giving me lots of cause for concern. But the drives back on deserted Sunday night roads I can still remember. The foam air filters I had to start with caught fire and the car was only saved by a quick thinking bloke who had a fire extinguisher in his house. Handled like an oversized Kart - was great fun on a short run, but the trip back from Cornwall in the torrential rain made it clear that this really was designed to be used hard for about five minutes. Eventually sold for £500. A bargain. I miss it and this car is directly responsible for my current Alfa obsession.

    Peugeot 309 SRi (black) A desire to buy something sensible. Was a good car actually, but despite me reminding everyone it had a 205GTi engine it was annoyingly uncool. Hardly missed a beat in three years, but I hardly remember any journeys in it.

    Alfa 33 Permanent 4 (red) Rare as rocking-horse poo and as unreliable as the British Weather and it cost more to fix than a small countries National Debt. I refuse to accept buying this was a mistake because when it worked properly (about 3 days in three years) it was an unbelievably good car to drive.

    Alfa 145 (red) My breadvan. A fantastic car and not too unreliable. In three years it hardly broke down and was alway entertaining. The 10-CD changer was a talking point back then. Only marred by the "plipper" key malfunctioning which proved to be impossible to sort out.

    Alfa 145 (metallic black) My current car. In three years it hasn't missed a beat. It looks fantastic. Drives well. Keeps me cosseted in a nice climate controlled leather interior for the long journey home from work. And when I want to "bez" it has more grip than I have bravery / talent. Almost perfect. My next car will have a tough act to follow.

    Out of that list - and despite the various problems (for instance - a memorable engine change on the side of the road in the pouring rain - Alfsud) aside I only regret buying one car - the Datsun.
  3. Leyfy

    Leyfy Active Member

    Does anyone remember the Yugo 65a?!

    I don't know if I should admit this, but I had one when I was a poor student. It cost me 50 quid (!!!!) and did me for about a year until the engine blew up on a country lane one.

    What a classic..... the grey gear stick that came straight out of the floor like in a minibus.... the way the wing mirrors used to shake when you got above fifty..... the tiny, tiny boot ........ the time the back window shattered and I left it parked in Leeds city centre without one for a month and NO ONE stole it..... memories!

    *wipes tear from the eye*
  4. barrytone

    barrytone Member

    First car was a 1978 Mini Clubman estate in Signal Yellow, lovely little car, had it been up to my Dad I'd have had a Morris Minor! Mini had an 1100cc engine, was really powerful given it's size, saw off many sports cars at traffic lights!

    Had the subframe replaced, as you do with most mini's. Needed a bit of bodywork doing and had a strange electrical problem, you could remove all the fuses and the lights would still stay on! Traded it in relatively unscathed for my next car, a Skoda Rapid, rapid by name but not by nature.

    The Skoda was hip-berry red but looked bright orange. It had a 1200 engine, massively underpowered but boy could it stick to bendy and winding roads, left everything standing. Traded it in for another Skoda, same model but navy blue. Nowhere near as reliable or as hard working as the first one, sprung endless water leaks, eventually blew the head gasket. Managed to bodge it and traded it in for an impulse buy, car I saw on a garage forecourt whilst queuing in roadworks.

    My impulse buy was a white Volvo 340, 1.4; excellent little car. Had that a couple of years, never broke down, only every needed a wheel bearing and servicing, excellent value for money. Traded it in at 90,000 miles for a Volvo 440i with a 1.8 engine, very quick. That was ultra reliable too, always had a strange problem with not ticking over evenly but never let me down; MOT'd it on Monday 1st July and wrote it off on Tuesday 2nd July!

    Major impact accident and I walked away so I bought my third Volvo, another 440 but this time a two litre, even faster! It's just gone 12 years old, happy birthday Volvo, it's done 138,000 miles and has just passed it's MOT only needing some brake pads and a brake hose, very happy. Needs to go some though to beat my sister's diesel Mondeo, same age as the Volvo but just clocked up 200,000 miles, original engine and mileage is verifiable.
  5. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    My first car was a Reliant Regal - the saloon version of Delboy's van. Being a 3 wheeler, I could drive it alone on my Full motorcycle licence.
    Then, the Mini Estate - or should that be state - ditched when the brakes failed. Green Marina - pt ex for a tan/brown marina - the colour didn't improve it one iota. Hillman Hunter next - great car but does need oil.....then onto the years of company cars.
    Best car ever owned was a BMW 2002 tii which went like a rocket on the autobahn but couldn't cope with the roads over here!

    But the best transport I owned was my trusty BSA Starfire 250cc. (succdessor to a rusty blue 175 Bantam!) Those were the days!!
  6. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    The first car I bought NEW was a Metro.... 1983.

    For some reason, I convinced myself the APPALLING history of British Leyland was just that, History - but it wasn't.

    In it's first year, (not that I had it much longer than that) it was off the road (ie. overnight., locked in a Main Dealer's place) for 30 full days, getting everything from new engine to new seatbelts, steering column bushes were changed about 9 times. Paint was like tissue paper, the headlining twisted and ill fitting, the seats bust, and of course the suspension used to deflate every two weeks despite several replacement parts, oh I forget all the faults now, but I didn't forget them when it come to buying other cars! I lost count of how many other days it was taken in to a main dealer for work (the original one was just incompetent, and could fix nothing!). The factory "customer service" offered no service at all, and on several occasions just DELAYED the main dealer getting things sorted. Nine days was the longest single off the road period.

    I was not alone though, BMW were daft enough to buy British Leyland too (you can call it Rover if you like, but it was the same!) they lost even more money than I did, and I bet they were happy to get rid of the company the same way I was happy to get rid of the car.


    I bought a RAV4 in about 1996, and while it was nothing like as bad, Toyotas are not QUITE as reliable as the myth suggests. If you get a good one, fine, but don't expect them to sort it if it isn't!

    Had new cars just about ever since that BL disaster, and until tmy current car (Mitsubishi Lancer) all have had some niggles, but usually nothing too much to worry about. This Lancer went in for it's first (year) service on Wednesday this week and is the ONLY car that has not had a SINGLE fault in that time!
  7. David Mann

    David Mann Member

    Athies, Pas de Calais, France
    Hillman Imp - Steering and brakes failed on first long outing, on other trips snapped accelerator cable and drive shaft.
    Chrysler Avenger - great car, lousy body (floor parting company with sills)
    Ford Cortina - cracked cylinder head
    Triumph Dolomite - clutch failure, engine eventually died
    Ford Cortina - came off worst in row with tractor
    Austin Maestro - quite good until broken piston ring
    Austin Montego - pretty good, gearbox eventually went at 50k
    Peugeot 405 /406 - several company cars, all good
    Rover 800 - Good until total electrical failure coming down a mountain in a thuderstorm, at night, in France
    Vauxhall Omega (old style) great car, from new to 100k, so...
    Vauxhall Omega (new style) - complete disaster! Total respray required, several recalls, engine blew up on M6, trim falling off
    Ford Mondeo - Ok, never liked the seat
    Vauxhall Vectra - turbo packed in
    VW Passat - great car, no probs

    Picked up new company car today, nearly blew the job interview by saying "I don't mind what it is, so long as it isn't a Vauxhall" - It's a Vectra!
  8. honey bun

    honey bun Active Member

    My first car was an old ford escort - orange roof and brown body.... ooo lovely! Ok til I drove it into a ditch and had it repaired then went to sell it and the gear stick came off in buyers hand - it was only tied on with a piece of string!!!!!! Been driving it for ages like that! :eek:

    (Ask ^^^ Andy Wooler he was there ha!) :tongue:
  9. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    Reading, UK
    My first car was a 1982 Austin Princess 1.7. I was given it by someone who was otherwise going to scrap it, but I kept it going for about 18 months, despite it having several major faults (it never broke down on the road though).

    Then, a 1982 Vauxhall Chevette. Great car, ugly as sin.

    1994 Metro 1.4 Diesel. Loved it. Totally reliable (other than a broken speedo cable). It just didn't win an argument with a double-decker bus :(

    Then, 1989 Astra 1.3 L estate. Again, totally reliable, did about 40000 miles in the 15 months I had it. Died in a motorway pileup. RIP. :(

    Finally, I now have a 1998 Rover 114 GSi. Again, I love it to bits, and I've done about 60000 miles in it since March 2005. Not the most reliable car, it's been towed away 3 times in that time, with mainly electrical problems. But it's great fun to drive (like a go-cart!) and I don't want to get rid of it.
  10. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    I still owe you that curry too! ;)
  11. Souter

    Souter Member

    My first car was a Metro 1.3 Sport, the forerunner to the MG Metro. Thought I was the bees knees in it. Big argument about buying it though as my parents were buying me my first car and they had spotted a mint condition Austin Allegro 26k on the clock, one elderly gent owner who spent more time polishing than driving the vehicle, but I wanted the Metro, previous owner a butcher - so had blood on the ceiling! - 90 odd k on the clock, starting to rust. Best thing about the car was that every month or so it had to go to the garage to get the suspension pumped up.

    Eventually decided to sell the car and the girl who came to test drive it drove straight into a lamp-post and wrote it off!!
  12. DaveR

    DaveR Active Member

    Reading, UK
    Better make that 4 times. :(:mad: It's just taken me 24 hours to get back from Exeter, and the car only made it as far as Chippenham, and I've got to get it back from there somehow!! :(
  13. simonbassbone

    simonbassbone Member

    Saw a fun one yesterday. Couple pulled out of a car park in Cambridge, 50 yards later she says to him "Is that smoke coming from us?" like all men he replies something to the effect of "No my sweetheart, you are mistaken" 20 secs later they can't see through the windscreen so they abandon the car in the middle of one of Cambridge's busiest junctions at Saturday lunchtime. Good news, the Fire Station is on this junction so they knock on the door, only to find there is no-one in as they've all gone to a school fete for the afternoon. Eventually they turn up and squirt it. The best news is that the MOT was due on Monday!
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