Bad and sad news at Ratby Band. Phil Plant

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  1. midnight_euph

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    Hope to see some TMPers there.

    No doubt more eleoquent post will be done officially by the Chairman Steve Greenall.

    Off to put his name on the winds.

  2. nethers

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    Thanks Fran.

    That is deeply sad news.

    A great personal friend of mine, Phil played a big role in dragging me from the fringes of the brass band movement and showing me what could be achieved with a little effort.

    I remember as a teenager being invited along with the Ambassador's band to Spain but having to turn the trip down as my family couldn't afford it. Phil stepped in and agreed to cover the cost - if I came along to his house on Saturday mornings to keep his garden in check!

    I spent every Saturday that summer cycling to Ratby from Braunstone, doing whatever task Phil had invented for me (and often Dave and Gary too), enjoying one of Violet's extremely fine cooked breakfasts before heading home to go back to bed! I remember painting the low wall around the front of the house white - there were a lot of coats of paint on that wall! I'm sure we weren't the first people paying back some of Phil and Violet's kindness.

    There are so many great stories about Phil, and I hope other people may be kind enough to share their own.

    Professionally, the banding movement has lost one of its great enthusiasts, great ambassadors and a true gentleman. There are bandsmen here in Auckland, the other side of the world, who know Phil Plant.

    I'm sad that I will not be able to attend any memorial or celebration of Phil's life but I shall ask my Mother, who Phil always remembered following my own Father's passing, to attend and pass on condolences on my behalf.

    My sincere sympathy to the whole Ratby organisation, Phil's friends and family at this sad time.
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    Fully agree with this and I couldn't put it any better.

    Although he was truly "Mr Ratby", Phil's influence spread far beyond Ratby's bandroom, past the Leicestershire county boundaries and way beyond. A model bandsman - kind, considerate, committed and always helpful. His passing is a huge loss to the movement.

    Deepest sympathy to the whole of the Ratby organisation from myself and everyone at Wigston Band.
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    Grandads Funeral

    Hi all,

    Grandads funeral will take place on Thursday 22nd January, 1pm Ratby Church, followed by drinks etc at Bulls Head, Ratby

    everyone is welcome, and if anyone would like to play with the band please let me know pm me.


  5. Unregistered

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    Bridget Carter

    One of the nicest, most caring gentleman I have known. Phil cared about everyone in the Ratby band oganisation, he always had time for everyone. He encouraged my 4 children in their playing, giving them confidence and advice. As my children grew up he followed their progress with other bands and was always pleased to see them visiting Ratby band. He often would say how proud he was of them. Phil will be greatly missed by everyone. In heaven now with violet and all those brass players for him to find. RIP Phil.
  6. beckymoss

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    Hi all

    thank you for agreeing to play for Grandad's funeral next week

    there will be a rehearsal of the music on

    wednesday 21st January 8-10pm

    at Ratby Bandroom

    Uniform for the funeral, if you would like to wear your own bands uniform that would be lovely to show all of the different bands where Grandad has touched so many peoples hearts. But the choice is entirely yours.

    I look forward to seeing everyone on weds night


  7. sirbucko

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    to all at the ratby band. so sorry to hear about your sad loss, i am sure the band will give him a wonderful brass band send off. he sounded a lovley man, and a dedicated bandsman. from all at silk brass macclesfield. [ ian buckley trom silk brass]
  8. beckymoss

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    Just to confirm, tomorrow night's rehearsal will now be at Ratby Church from
    8-10pm. It will be a rehearsal for the music being played at Phil's funeral
    the following day.

    people will be meeting at the bandroom at 7:30pm to load the van if you dont knwo the way

    Any questions or problems, please let me know.

    Many thanks