Back playing after a long break

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    Hi all,

    I played as a teenager for Creswell Colliery 2nd cornet and the Rep, did Grade 5 at school but stopped playing after leaving home and starting work. I went along to The Bolsover Festival of Brass in October and it prompted me to start again. As I know a few of the people in Shirebrook band from when my kids played I've rejoined the 'B' band (training band) and have to say that I'm really enjoying it. Now that my youngest is nearly 18 I feel that I can give it the attention that it requires. The more you put in the more you get out I always think so I'm having lessons and working towards grade 5 theory and grade 6 practical (always wanted to continue with this :0)

    Anyway, hi all and I'll be looking to move up to a more perminant position hopefully soon, see what's available, exciting times ahead.
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    It's great to see someone come back. I've done that more than once and appreciated playing more each time. I started playing at age 12, and have always counted myself as a brass player. It's an integral part of my identity. Welcome back!
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    Thanks :)