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    Following the success of the campaign led by 4 Bars Rest to get Malcolm Arnold’s 'Padstow Lifeboat' included in Classic FM’s top 300 classical pieces in the UK (it eventually made number 98, and gained an article feature in the Classic FM magazine), the chance has come around again to make a brass band mark on the station.

    This year's voting is now open and we can do our bit to try to get more than one brass band entry onto the Classic FM play list.
    The website has suggested titles to vote on, but the voting system also allows users to enter their own personal choices.

    So if you want to try to get more brass on the radio waves, go to:

    Voting closes on Friday 11th February at 23.59 (UK time).

    Voting also gives you the chance to win an iPad or three runner-up prizes of shopping vouchers worth £100 each.

    Vote, vote, vote!
  2. floppymute

    floppymute Member

    Might it be an idea to decide on a piece or a couple of pieces to vote on, thus concentrating the effect?
  3. pagliacci

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    Excellent, have just voted for Blitz, Pageantry and Heaton's Contest Music.
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    Good idea but getting a consensus on here might be a bit tricky.

    I noticed that Karl Jenkins' Euphonium Concerto and Vienna Nights (Philip Wilby) are listed on the voting site so it may be as well if we all go for those.
  5. P_S_Price

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    Me - Ive Just voted for Resurgam.
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    You can add your own by clicking the '+' next to your choices.

    I've just voted for Tallis, Pagannini and Resurgam in that order....

    Edit: By voting for Pagannini and Resurgam, we might manage to get the up-coming regionals a brief mention if the pieces end up in there?
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    Good choice.
    It might be worth us all hanging fire for a week or so as we may be able to get British Bandsman, Brass Band World and 4 Bars Rest behind this.
  8. Cornet_Matt

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    I couldn't find Pageantry in the list, so went for:
    Holst 'A Moorside Suite'
    George Lloyd 'English Heritage'
    Peter Graham 'Prisms'
  9. Getzonica

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    Voted for A Little Suite for Brass, Resurgum and Dadaelas (not brass band)
  10. Coverhead

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    1) Penlee (Simon Dobson)
    2) Resurgam (Eric Ball)
    3) Vienna Nights (Philip Wilby)
  11. Masterblaster jnr

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    'Penlee' - Simon Dobson - Classic FM Hall of Fame

    Simon Dobson's 'Penlee' has been added to the prospective Classic FM playlist for this year, PLEASE vote for it to make airtime (brass band primetime airplay is at almost 0%), go to the following link and type the name 'dobson' into the search box and vote for 'Penlee' the banding movement, and get this piece of genius recognised by the wider world
  12. simonbassbone

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    1. Resurgam
    2. Mahler 3
    3. Padstow Lifeboat
  13. leylandband

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  14. James Yelland

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    Robert Simpson's Energy is also recognised on the list.
  15. Coverhead

    Coverhead Member

    Already done mate.

    If we want to cast aside our stereotypical image of 25 elderly coal-covered gentlemen wearing flat caps, petting whippets and playing hymn tunes in the park then this is exactly the sort of music we should be showing off to the 'outside' musical world!

  16. winterman

    winterman Member

    Duly done..

    Couldn't resist selecting Resurgam as my second though ;)
  17. Coverhead

    Coverhead Member

    Snap! ;)
  18. Ali

    Ali Member

    Done, along with Conest Music and Moorside Suite!!!!
  19. bassinthebathroom

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  20. Bass Man

    Bass Man Active Member

    Already voted, along with Resurgam and Paganini

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