Bach Strad 42b replacement slide

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    Hi all,

    Not sure if any one has any ideas?

    I'm looking to replace my old knackered 42b slide. The instrument is about 40 years old, and apparenlty Dennis Wisk is one former owner, hence i dont want to get rid of completely!
    Its a beautiful instrument to play however has seen better cosmetic days. I've had the bell stripped of lacquer (most of it had flaked off anyway). The original slide was a lightweight one which is totally dead now, i've swapped it with another of my 42b's and now thats dying slowly also.

    To make matters worse, the lacquer is coming off on my hands now! Cant pick it up with out my hands going green and stinking!!! (seperate question, but apart from electricians tape - any ideas how to stop this?)

    By pure fluke (i got my gig bags muddled up) i managed to accidentally get my holton 181 bass trom slide to fit perfectly to my 42b bell section?!?!?!?

    Although this is one solution as my holton slide is in fairly good nick, it takes a lot of gas to huff out a load of concert music!

    Does anyone have any ideas of where to either a) get a replacement slide for my 42b? Or b) does anything else fit a 42b bell section? I head a rumour that the edwards slides fit but are a different length so the shift positions are slightly out?
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    Once it hardens it lasts for a couple of months!