Bach Mouthpieces (for BBb bass)

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  1. matt_BBb_bass

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    I am tired of using my Dennis Wich 2L mouthpiece nd its nearly dead anyway and people say Bach mouthpieces are good so which would u say would be best for a BBb bass?

    Cheers Matt
  2. derekdawson

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    Bach mouthpieces (forBBb Bass)

    I have been using a Bach 18 for the last 6 months or so and find it much better than the Wick 2L. (Grimeydirk)
  3. MartinT

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    Bach 18 (actually, a Blessing 18, which is a cheapo copy) suits me too, for most work.

    I know The Fish uses some terrible bucket-sized Perantucci thing, but I'd best let him describe it if he comes across this thread. He pedals all the time, anyway!
  4. Aussie Tuba

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    I find a Mouthpiece has to be a personal thing, What suits one might not suit another, I have used DW Tuba3 with my EEb and have been using perantucci pt84 for ages ( more than 8 years ). Both sound good But perantucci has become my personal Favourite.
    you need to try some out and choose what is best for you. when you find a good one stick with it.
  5. on_castors

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    I used to use a DW 2 with EEflat for years, then after a period playing other things like cornets & baritones, I went back to Tuba with a DW 3, which immediately felt right. A lot of years previously I had used the Bach 24AW, and when you look at the specs, it is as near as you can get to identical to the DW3, so no shock that I should find it suits.
    I have always found the Bach 18 a bit shallow, and the Dennis Wick 1 a bit "unorthodox" for E flat, although I would have thought maybe it would be in the first line of choices for BBflat. (although of course there really should be no reason to use different mouthpieces for B flat or E flat Tubas!) ;-)

    The DW XL range are the same sizes as the standard ones, but with narrower rounded rims, and for that reason might or might not suit you either. I haven't tried them personally.

    All that said, there are some very cheap Bach type mouthpieces which are at least good enough to try out with - Look for "FAXX" (only about 27 quid delivered!) and of course the Kelly plastic ones, which are only 15 or 16 quid, although I am not suggesting the Kelly ones as permanent, just as a means of finding what suits you without spending a lot of money only to then find it gets chucked in a drawer. The Kelly at least offers some use over the Xmas period as they are great for outdoor use, as I found when playing cornet! (..... and the pros and cons of Kelly mouthpieces are a complete series of discussions in their own right!)

    There is another current thread on the go on this site where the pros and cons of the Perantucci range is under discussion too.
  6. Anonymous_user

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    24 AW is the one for me. I have played on it for years

    Simon Gresswell
  7. jamieow

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    I've got a 24AW and used it for years (after DW 3L and 2L).
    Recently changed to a DW 2XL after them being highly recommended by Gav Saynor.
    I've found it to be the best mouthpiece I've had.
    A friend of mine (army tubist) swears by his Bach 24AW megatone. I've not tried one but they're meant to be good too.
    I'd say try a few.
  8. Bungle

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    If you can find one for £27 snap one up, we have just ordered one for the other Eb bass player and the price has gone up. I use a Faxx 24AW on an Eb and I'm very pleased with it. I'll leave it to the proper BB bass players to comment on its suitability for a BB bass. Faxx do a Bach 18 replica.
  9. Gorgie boy

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    I had to play B flat last evening at an SA concert and only had my blue plastic Kelly 18 with me. Well, lo and behold, I could get an extra fifth on the bottom register. I have never felt myself a capable B flat player, but for the first time last night, I felt i could actually play the thing. So my advice get a Kelly 18. I am assuming it's a copy of the Bach 18. Sure the Bach looks much better though!


    Try Anything but the Perantuccis, listen to the advice from Simon Gresswell who uses the 24AW, I play on Dennis Wick 1 at the moment, but I also use the Faxx 24 Aw ,which is an exact copy bought from John Myatt music for 14 quid,and also a plastic kelly 18.My body weight does tend to go up and down when I am training and I have noticed that when I lose weight I have to change mouthpieces, I must loose weight from my top lip as this has happened on several occasions,I must have about 10 mouthpieces and use them all!
  11. tubadaz

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    I'm using the VB 7 at the moment on BBb, but (as some of the previous posters have said) you may find it easier to use a smaller mouthpiece. It's all horses for courses!! :D
    On Sousaphone (also Bb!) I'm currently using a plastic Kellyberg (Helleberg copy) which is ideal on sousa (especially running about a field with a marching band!!) but I find a little stuffy on a big Sov BBb! :)
    Just for the record, I find a Perantucci PT-82 on EEb Tuba to be the perfect match (and I've tried lots!!!) :p

  12. on_castors

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    JP Brass were listing them at this price a few minutes ago when I looked (given they have them in stock of course!)
  13. the fish

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    Hello Matt,

    My advice is to try as many different mouthpieces as you can before buying, then go for what suits you not what others say is right, as mouthpieces are a very personal thing, and what is right for one is not always good for another!

    And they can be a little costly if you make the wrong choice!!



    ps Don't change before little little competition you have coming up in September, you will not have time to get used to it before then.
  14. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Is it just me or are BBb players using megatone-VB mouthpieces more often than the standard models?
  15. boslmjan

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    I use a 24aw for EEflat. I'm actually using a Kelly at the moment while I'm waiting for a metal one, but it's playing well so there'll be a debate as to which I settle for.

    On BB flat I use a 12.

    But it's personal perference. Like others have said try as many as you can. I started on the Wick's but found they cut and the Bach, or bach copies are more comfortable for me.
  16. ronnie_the_lizard

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    I agree with pretty much everyone else - it's a very personal thing.

    I always used to play on a 3L on EEb for band work but used a VB22 for orchestral stuff as it had fatter but less melodic sound.

    After 10 years of I came back to playing and found I actually preferred the 22 for everything, until I discovered a DW1XL which is similar in size to a 22 but with a less harsh rim, and I now use this for both EEb and BBb.
  17. Thirteen Ball

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    I had a VB24AW for about a year on EB, and started on BB with it, but found it a wee bit narrow.

    Switched to a DW1XL for BB, which was OK, but I didnt like the sound it made, and found it hard to keep clarity on it.

    I've recently alternated between a perantucci PT50+, which is great for low stuff but sounds hard as nails, and a VB18. For me the bach is a better all round mouthpiece as it has has a good sound in low, high and pedal registers, and I find it very comfy.

    You may struggle to get a nice warm brass band bass sound out of a perantucci, but Paddo from Skelmanthorpe swears by them, and there;s nowt wrong with his sound. (Quite the opposite in fact!) Plus they're good for basement work. If you want one, Mr Tuba (AKA Mark Carter) in Cwmbran is the only stockist I know of.

    But if I had to choose one, I'd keep the Bach 18.
  18. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    Some time ago, I was looking for a new instrument, and found the site of Cyberstore Thomann in Germany at the time was hundreds of pounds cheaper. As it happens, I didn't get the instrument, and went for a second hand one, but I have just had a look now at mouthpiece prices, and they defy belief - we don't half get ripped off in this country - cars are still dearer here than in Europe and far dearer than the US, & we tend to play Dollar prices, but in Pounds for electronics., and it seems something similar applies, at least for SOME musical gear:

    Even including 10 Euros for delivery to this country, a Bach copy works out at about 30 quid:

    and genuine Perantucci models come at less than 58 quid:

    I dare say other retailers are around in Europe, and while I might not want an instrument to come all that way, but with something compact like a mouthpiece the risks seem very minimal, and this one seems set up for Europe wide delivery, the site is reasonably accessible in English, and they have English speaking staff!
  19. oohaah

    oohaah New Member

    Used Thomann myself last year for a perantucci. Found them to be very cheap, the delivery was very quick (DHL) and there was a huge amount of packaging so there was no risk of any damage. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
  20. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Just a warning to anyone considering ordering what seem to be bargains from abroad: import duty becomes payable on goods worth £18 or more, together with an administration charge (I believe of about £5) made by the Post Office. I think vat can also come into the equation, and so any apparent savings can soon be swallowed up.