Bach Flugel for Sale

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  1. I am looking to sell my Bach Stradivarius 183 Flugel as I have recently moved on to horn.

    It is a lacquer instrument in good condition, there are two small dents but nothing major. It is a beautiful instrument and the only reason i'm looking to sell is because i'm now on tenor horn.

    Just putting it here to gauge whether there is any interest. I would be looking for about £800-850 but that is obviously negotiable. I will also put a few photos on later in the week, but if anyone is interested PM me. It comes with a Bach hard case, and I will also throw in a couple of mouthpieces, a flugel stand and a some music!!

  2. Just a quick update. Had a bit of interest but if anybody else is interested just PM and I will send you some photos. As far as asking price is concerned I’m now looking for about £650 o.n.o. so if you are interested just let me know.
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    Can you send me some photos?
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    Flugel for sale

    Can I just say, for anyone who is interested in buying the Bach strad, I have one and is a fab instrument with a lovely tone. Wouldn't play any other flugel. :clap:
  5. The bach flugel is still for sale so PM me if interested!
    If i get no offers in the next few weeks i'll be putting the flugel on ebay...................
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    Is this horn still for sale? If so can you send photos. More info on dents would be appreciated