"Baby" Tubas

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    Does anyone know if these are still made? if so by whom?

    We have a couple of Kids in our trining band who are playing tuba and though we've got a battered old Baby E and a Baby B we could do with some good ones, also one of the kids is my Son so I may get one for him, but I haven't seen any around for quite some time.

    The interim option is to get some tuba stands.

    Thoughts anyone?
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    Besson makes small tubas as do B&S - you can see the prices at http://www.myatt.co.uk/tub.htm

    The Bessons are very popular in the education world where they are the perfect instrument for starting youngsters on the wonderful path of tuba playing - I have a number of students who are using them to great effect.
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    I posted a similar question to this site some time back and got some pretty good advice that I found worked.

    Better get a second hand EEb than a new baby Eb! I had the same thoughts, is a EEb too big, what about the weight etc, but it didn't turn out to be the issue I thought it would be! I gave the senior bands spare sov EEb to an 11 year old beginner, and he adapted to it quite easily. Thing about a Eb baby is that in the future you're going to have to replace anyway with a EEb.

    However, didn't give one our kids the bands spare sov BBb. That might have been pushing it a tad! :)

    Besson have a new 1000 series out that seem cheap enough (for a bass), but I haven't seen one yet. Interested myself in seeing one of the Bb Basses.
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    Cheaper option: get the child to sit on big cushions or telephone books! If you can't raise the instrument, raise the child! Rest the instrument on the edge of the chair. We have a playing stand but never used it, this always worked better! :)
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    Very old Class-A/Solbron Eb's are usually very small and tend to be a better instrument than the modern little "Student" hooters; both in terms of their build (solidness) and playability. Chances are you'll get a 3 valve compensator MUCH cheaper than anything new.

    As mentioned, another choice for anyone of High School age/size is just to get a used Sov/Imperial. What hasn't been said is that it's pretty easy (cheapish) to lower the leadpipe - this should make it playable by a vertically-challenged individual. They can play it as a 3-valver until they can reach the 4th valve too. Cut the stupid 'ball' off the bottom if you get an old model and you might consider moving the lower carriage ring.

    I'm talking about Eb's here and would normally suggest starting younsters on these as they'll find it easier to get the lower notes to begin. If you really must get Bb's, the Besson 1000's are really good tubas for the money.

    Best of luck!
  6. school have a brand new 'weril' baby eb tuba and a jupiter one i think , both of which were around a grand .