b# Virtuoso Brass Instrument Cleaning Kit

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    We all know that buying a quality brass instrument is an expensive purchase. We also all know that we should be proactive in looking after our investment, to make sure the instrument looks good, sounds great and stop stuck valves or sticky slides to ensure many happy years of playing.

    Through the history of brass, players have cleaned their instruments with washing up liquid, many of which contain salt. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to understand that water plus salt results in possible corrosion, so it was vital that the b# cleaning kit was eco-friendly, highly effective and didn’t cause damage to any delicate finishes or components.

    The kit consists of an Instrument Soak that cleans the instrument from the inside out, removing the unpleasant biofilm from you instrument pipework, and clearing oils and greases leaving your instrument with a pleasant citrus scent and an easy next time clean anti-static coating.

    After the soak you have a Finishing Avocado Polish that gives your instrument that sort after Championship finish. b# have teamed up Helin of Germany to include a quality purpose-made brush and cloth pack to make the Virtuoso Brass Instrument Cleaning Kit the only product of its kind.

    To complete the range b# have also introduced a range of 100% Natural Oils and Greases. These products are non-petroleum, non-synthetic lubricants made from natural oils with added food grade fruit flavourings to enhance your playing experience.

    To date the range has taken the banding world by storm, tried and tested by some of the movements leading manufacturers, players and bands. The b# brand and range are endorsed by Mark Wilkinson – Principal Cornet Fodens Band, Dr Brett Baker – International Trombone Soloist & Rath Clinician and the World famous Fodens Band.

    Mark Wilkinson said of the product “A must accessory for every brass musician, it’s the only product of its kind I recommend to clean your instrument”

    Dr Brett Baker said of the product “the b# Cleaning Kit maintains my trombone as if it’s new, I’ve used washing up liquid for years not knowing the damage it can do long term”

    Fodens Band said of the product” the band is proud to support b# who has created a dedicated easy to use kit for cleaning instruments”

    All b# products are made in the UK by brass players for brass players, the range was launched at the North West Regional Championships and the Yorkshire Regional Championships with great interest.

    The kit is available from Band Supplies Leeds and our own webshop www.bsharpbrass.com as well as a number of smaller music specialists.

    For more information go to www.bsharpbrass.com or follow us on Facebook www.facebook/bsharpkeepitclean or Twitter www.twitter.com/bsharpbrass