B&S Sonora Trombone (poor mans King 3B?)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bakaman, Jan 25, 2010.

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    For sale, very good condition B&S Sonora trombone, gold finish.

    This is exactly the same size as a King 3B with 8" bell and 0.508" bore. Excellent slide action (just sorted by Sharon McCallum). Cosmetically 9.5/10.

    It plays very well, nice and free and whilst it isn't quite as good as a real 3B it is still pretty good.

    If you already own a real 3B, then this is a pretty good reserve trombone which is still good enough to gig on in my opinion. If you would like a 3B but can't afford it yet, then this could tide you over.

    It is close enough to a real 3B for me that I leave one out of it's case for a "pick up and blow practice" leaving my real 3B safe until I really need it. If you busk, or play in vulnerable situations then again, this could be a very good solution.

    Only £125 ono including case in vgc.

    9 trombones in the house so time for a clearance!
  2. Bakaman

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    Still for sale - reduced price


    A really good buy for a good genuine 3B work-alike.

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