B or E flat Bass & Cornet available for Whit Friday

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by podwatkins, May 13, 2007.

  1. podwatkins

    podwatkins New Member

    Experienced Brass and Whit Friday players seeking a Whit Friday opportunity.

    We have previously played with Wuss(scratch band) and Delph Band ( second section) for last 4 years, however latter has full band this year. Bass player (47, ex-army) can play E or B flat (and Baritone).Cornet player (45) plays repiano in local band, but has played all parts over the years.

    We would be grateful for opportunites to play together in a band for Whit Friday. Can be available for Thursday evening/ Friday for practice.

    Contact dawnlrollins@hotmail.com or 07702 790610 .
  2. brass journo

    brass journo Member

    Yorkshire Co-op could do with an Eb bass and cornet if you would like to join us? We will be rehearsing on the Thursday night at our bandroom in Brighouse, setting off about 3pm on Friday.
    e-mail me at tabby.clegg@btopenworld.com for more details if you would like

    all the best

  3. podwatkins

    podwatkins New Member

    Band positions found!

    Thank you to all of the many bands who made contact with us offering us the chance to play with them on Whit Friday. We have accepted positions and are delighted to be playing in 2007 Whit Friday Contest. I hope you all find the players required and Good Luck!

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