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    Hi all,

    I've been asked for a valuation on a B&M Champion trumpet. It is on good working order, all slides and valves free, with no dents or dings and no tarnish to the silver plate. It plays very well. There aren't that many that I can find being sold second hand and wondered if anyone had an idea how much it might sell for.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome!

    Many thanks,
  2. Andrew Norman

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    about £50 - £80 maybe a few pounds more if the silver plate is still good.
    These were good sturdy trumpets that improved with age as the valves loosened up a bit.
    Not worth more as many of the modern Chinese instruments around £100 blow them away.
  3. euph77

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    Thanks Andy,

    That's what I figured, but it's always good to have someone else's opinion.


  4. trumpetmike

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    Completelly agree with this valuation, however I would say that the sturdy B&M Champion is a great deal better than many of the beginner/student models you can find in the shops. I have a student on one and I still have mine from when I started - they are great beginner instruments, built to last.