B&H Round Stamp Sovereign For Sale, Silver Plate

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by BTMbred, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. BTMbred

    BTMbred New Member

    Hi guys, I have a 1979 Round Stamp Sovereign Euph for sale.

    Its in silve plate, Large Bore, plays like a dream.

    Great condition, used but only 2 small dents which isnt bad for 30 years of use.

    Metal valve guides, valves are like lightening etc etc

    1979 serial, in the blue hard case, with mouthpiece if you need one.

    I can provide pictures, send me a pm if your interested.

    It will be going on the bay with a Buy It Now for 1799 in about a week.

    Im looking for £1500. This is a firm price which is mates rates.

    All the best.
  2. _si

    _si Member

    wish i had the cash :(
  3. BTMbred

    BTMbred New Member

    Its a belter. A reluctant sale to be honest, but needs must and all that.

    Ive owned it for a year and before that its been treated so so well. I should be keeping it. Wish I had the funds!!!

    Someone will be very happy.
  4. BTMbred

    BTMbred New Member

    Now on hold pending funds.
  5. BTMbred

    BTMbred New Member


    Thankyou to forum hosts and buyer.


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