B&H 921 Model Sovereign Cornet For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by andy;-), Nov 21, 2008.

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    Large Bore Boosey and Hawkes round stamp sovereign Bb cornet. 921 Model.

    Original much sought after sovereign Cornet from the days when they were properly made!

    Excellent condition with only a couple of marks. Fabulous valve action, all slides and triggers in perfect working order.
    Superb instrument which puts most modern cornets to shame.
    Pictures available on request - PM me your email address.
    Inspection / try out available if you want to come and have a look - just outside York, but I could bring up to the Scottish Open at the weekend if needed.

    Dark brown case also in excellent condition.

    £550 + delivery if required.
  2. Hi andy
    have tried several times to pm you, but the system doesn't seem to be working.
    i have a player who may be interested in this. can you send me some pics, including any damage, marks and the case
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    Hi Steve,

    No problem - I will send some pictures tomorrow.

  4. andy;-)

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    Pictures sent.

  5. Hi andy - thanks and well done for selling the cornet to the lad from my band, thanks for sending the pictures through as requested. Hope you enjoy your new SW, great cornets in my opinion.
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    Cheers Steve, thanks for helping - glad to know my old conet has gone to a good home.