B&D new march & hymn tune contest

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    As part of our 175 anniversary celebrations Blackburn & Darwen Band are to host a special march & hymn tune contest. This will take place on Sunday 13th September starting at 12pm in Darwen Town Centre. With over £3000 of prize money to be won, the contest is open to all band in any section. Please contact secretary@blackburnanddarwenband.co.uk for further details or visit our website at www.blackburnanddarwenband.co.uk. This promises to be a great day out for bands and families alike. Lots of restaurants, pubs and cafes are within a short walking distance of the contest venue. A special covered stage will be available for band to perform. Entries being taken now.
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    Although I couldn't attend due to health reasons, taken from a friend who did and played in one of the bands, you and B&D band are to be congratulated on an excellent and well organised event. I hope to see a recurrence of it next year if I can beat the thing that is making me ill.
    The full results are now on A4B here :-

    Blackburn & Darwen March & Hymn Contest

    Congratulations to the winning bands.