"B" Bands.

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    I'm wondering what folks' experiences are of "B" Bands. From the point of view of successes - what has made them work? And also if they haven't worked, what could have been done differently to make it happen, if anything could have been done at all.

    I realise a lot of bands up and down are struggling for players and filling the seats they've got, but there must be some outfits that are thriving and have a rash of players across a number of ensembles.

    Could you share your experiences of "B" Bands (don't actually like the term, but it's one we all understand), past and present and shed some light on the secret of their success?

    Thanks x
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    Can't really offer anything in terms of advice, but Melingriffith 2 seem to be doing quite well for themselves (just been promoted to 2nd section nationally for next year, were in 4th section last year) so that might be a good point of reference.
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    Sometime back in the 1990s I was a kid growing up and playing for Ratby Co-op in Leicester. At the time the organisation had a senior band that was on the up and a youth band that had a large membership but not as many strong players as it had enjoyed in recent years.

    The problem was that many players who outgrew the youth band were not strong enough to join the senior band.

    So Geoff Newman formed the 'Mid' band to try to span the gap, although it is a very strong entity of its own and not just a recruiting ground for the senior band.

    I was a founding member along with several others who remain there today. A few others have gone on to bigger things, finding themselves in the seats of well known bands around the country.

    A few of the players who graduated from the youth band but couldn't quite make it in the senior band returned and the Mid band found it occupied a nice niche in the area. I don't think the band has ever really struggled for players.

    I eventually joined the senior band as well before heading off to uni. The Mid band still has a bit of my heart and I'll always go back for a blow when I visit the UK.

    Ratby was (and I presume still is!) a remarkably well run organisation, each band has its own management team and committee and the executive committee keeps everyone working together. I know there has been the odd bump down the years but the set-up there works well for everyone.

    I think a lot of 'good' bands set-up B bands hoping to cultivate some talent, but a top section band cannot run a 4th section band and keep them happy.